Thursday, 26 March 2015

I'm thankful for... #ThankfulThursday

I am very thankful for the fact that the little's break up from school this week! I can not tell you how glad I am about that. It will be lovely to have them home and have a break from the school routine.

I am also thankful and happy that it's almost Easter, which means the weather should start improving very soon, we can't wait! I love Easter because it usually means sunny weather, yay!

I am really proud of the kids, they have done so well at school at this term, they've behaved well at home and they're becoming very independent, which is of course, bittersweet!

Very basic and simple reasons to be happy and thankful this week but all is good :)

What are your reasons to be happy/thankful this week?

Sarah xXx

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It's hard to believe...

It is SO hard to believe that my children are growing SO fast. Especially my eldest Harry. He's going to be turning twelve years old this year. 12!!! Which means, this coming September, he;s going to be starting high school. That is just crazy! How has time gone so quick? How has he learned so much, so fast? How has it been twelve years since he was born? Wow. Charlie will be in year 6 come September, which is also rather hard to believe, my little 5lb 3oz baby... in year SIX?! WHAT?! And Ellie will be in year three. It feels like she JUST started school! It really does go so, so fast!
Here are a few pictures of my boys and Ellie growing up over the past however many years. It's just crazy.

Harry in 2003.
2005! Wow, Charlie was tiny.
Charlie and Ellie in 2007.
Ups and downs smiles and frowns The Gallery Post
Harry and Charlie in 08.

Charlie in 2009?
The boys.
An old collage I made years ago!
World book day in 2009.
Ellie was 2/3 months old in this pic! Aww.
Easter 2013.
2015! They have grown up SO fast!

Part of me really doesn't like the fact they are becoming so independent and growing up so fast, but the other part of me enjoys watching them grow and learn new things. I am nervous and excited at the same time, haha. Bittersweet comes to mind, ha. I am so proud of them all, I really can not tell you how proud of them I am.

Sarah xXx

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kids Easter Bunny Sewing Kit {Review}

Yellowmoon very kindly sent us this lovely Easter Bunny Decoration Sewing Kit. 

Ellie was SO excited to get started on this Easter arts & crafts activity. We've never tried a sewing kit before so you can imagine how excited she was!

Each sewing kit contains a pack of 3 bunnies, in 3 different colours, also included in each kit is everything you need to make an Easter bunny, including the bunnies themselves, ribbon, stick on ears/eyes/whiskers, some wool and a plastic needle and of course the stuffing.Instructions are also included.

We emptied the contents of the packet (Ellie choose the purple one because that's her favourite colour). She got stuck right into this, placing the bunnies together. I threaded the wool through the needle and started her bunny off for her, showing her how to sew. She learned that very fast and well away with sewing her bunny and adding the stuffing inside the bunny. Once the bunny was sewn, we added on the googly eyes, whiskers and ears, which are all self adhesive and stick perfectly to the fabric.

Last bit no least we added the ribbon and hung it onto the kitchen cabinet!

Ellie is very proud of her Easter bunny, that she made herself! Ellie said she really enjoyed making this bunny, she can't wait to do more sewing very soon, hehe.

This is a perfect Easter arts and crafts activity for children aged 5 years and above. She really enjoyed doing this! It creates minimal mess and is the perfect introduction to learning to sew!
Priced at just £3.99 I would say the Easter bunny Sewing Decoration Kits are well worth the money and perfect for any child (aged 5+) who enjoys arts and crafts! Especially those learning to sew. :)

Sarah xXx

We were sent a sample of this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own, honest, personal opinion. I was not paid for this post. 

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Our weekly meal plan. #MealPlanningMonday

Monday - Sausage, chips and baked beans.

Tuesday - Spaghetti bolognase wit garlic bread.

Wednesday - Tuna and pasta with salad.

Thursday - Chicken curry with rice and naan bread

Friday - Pizza day!

Saturday - Fish, boiled potatoes and salad.

Sunday - Sunday roast.