Thursday, 18 September 2014

The one where I need to get fit and loose weight.

It's no big secret that I have gained weight in the last year and a half, probably around a stone and a half. I am 5ft3 and weigh around 10-10.5 stone (around 140 off pounds). I don't know exactly how much I have gained and I don't know exactly how much I weigh, I am not going to be weighing myself regularly, I'm going to go by how my clothes fit. In the past I HAVE gone by how much I weigh and I end up just not eating and then binge eating on the wrong kind of foods - weighing myself is not the way to go for me at this time. I might weigh myself once every so often, when I KNOW I've lost weight. I know it might sound strange to some people but to me, it makes sense.

Now, while I know that I'm not by any means HUGE, I am certainly not -what I call- small. I've ALWAYS been a size 8-10 (waste) and 10-12 on top (thanks to my boobs), even when pregnant! I know as you get older, it's possible to gain weight and for metabolism to slow down and so on, it's time to start taking care of myself! This is the "biggest" I've ever been and I do not like it one bit. It's time to be honest, my size 10 jeans do no longer fit and I've noticed that size 12 are a little tight around my thighs (Although Tesco and peacocks size 12 are a little baggy in fact - depends where you buy from clothes from I guess, sizes vary). I have some really, really nice clothes in smaller sizes, which I would love to fit into. My first aim is though, for my size 12 from NEXT to fit me perfectly. And then I'll concentrate on the rest. THEY do fit but I feel uncomfortable around my thighs. They even look "ok" but I'm just not very confident wearing them. Do you know what I mean?

I am aiming to do 10,000 steps a day and eat healthy. I'm not going to count calories, just eat healthy. 10,000 steps should be easy for me as I walk EVERYWHERE and I do more housework and whatever else. I also have an exercise bike that I plan on using, I'll start off slowly and work my way up to a longer time/distance. I'll keep a weekly log of how much exercise I do and share it every Wednesday with the will will do it linky. 
I will say this - I really AM going to stick to this, I am SO determined to loose weight and fit into my winter clothes again. I NEED to do this.

Who else is trying to get fit or loose weight? Does anyone have any tips or advice they'd like to share with me? I'd love to hear your ideas. Or perhaps progress stories? Let me know in the comments :)

Sarah xXx

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The first week back at school!

So the little's went back to school just over a week ago and I am really pleased to say that they have settled in very well! 

It took Ellie a few days to properly settle back into school. She started in year two and found it hard to focus and concentrate the first few days. She's ever so dreamy and goes off into her own little world. She was also not listening to the teacher/getting her work done but she seems to have settled in now and has been concentrating and listening! She has the same teacher as last year, which is good and she also has the same class mates. I'm glad they didn't split the classes up this time. That really unsettled Ellie last year. She seems to really like her new class room! I am so glad she's settled back into routine and getting on better at school. She is only (almost) seven, so I think she's doing rather well!

Ellie also been doing her homework and reading, which pleases me. It actually seems like she gets excited about her homework, aww. That's a lovely achievement, to have her excited about homework, bless.
Ellie is going to do a couple of after school clubs this term. She got invited to do 'Maths' club and she wants to do arts & crafts. She's on the waiting list for cooking, there was limited spaces and unfortunately, Ellie didn't get in this term. Still though, she pleased be doing arts and crafts, as well as maths! Bless her.

Homework time

The boys have both settled into there new classes and really like there new teachers! There classes were all split up but they seem to still have lots of friends/have made new ones, which is a good thing. I've met Harrys teacher already and she seems really nice! I'm yet to meet Charlie's teacher, perhaps tomorrow after school, if she has time :)
Both boys are doing football and other sports clubs after school! Charlie would also like to do music but I think he may have to go on a waiting list. We'll see It's good because the school will provide the instruments.

Back to school

I've filled out Harry's application form for high school (I still cannot believe it's his last year of Primary school! It feels like he only just started! Time goes too fast). I also can't believe Charlie is in year five, Whoa, they're all growing up fast.

We seem to be settling back into the school routine really well! Thank goodness for routine, I love it. I'll be honest though, I am not a fan of early morning -neither is Harry- but it's nice to be back into routine! I really do miss the kids when they're at school though, the house isn't quite the same without them.

I am SO proud of them all. I know it's not easy going back to school after six, long, fun, exciting weeks off school. Especially for Ellie but she's settling in really well now. I'm incredibly proud of them all :) 

How are your little ones settling back into nursery/school routine? Let me know in the comments.

Sarah xXx

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Monday, 15 September 2014

PicStick Photo Magnets review & discount code!!

PIcStick magnets @ Ups and downs, smiles and frowns

It's no secret that I love taking photos. I take photos everywhere I go, of everything! I love sharing them on facebook and instagram and even on my blog! So when Picstick asked me if I'd like to review these very awesome photo magnets I of course jumped at the chance!

photo magnets @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

PicStick are a lovely company that transforms your photos into magnets! It's easy to log in via facebook or email. You can upload your photos from Facebook, dropbox, phone/tablet or your computer. It's ever so easy to do. You just simply upload the photographs you'd like to transform into magnets to the PicStick website and then order you magnets! It only took me a few minutes and I found it extremely easy. Each individual photo magnet is 50x65mmand they stick to most metallic surfaces.

I received my photo magnets within a few days. 
It's really easy to seperate each photo, from the sheet, too! I had no problems at all. They also magnet really well to my fridge and I can also 'hold' things up, like the kids certificates or reminders, using the magnets (see below photo)

Photo magnets from @ups and downs, smiles and frowns

PicStick do ship world wide and the magnets come in a sheet of nine photos priced at £9.50/$14.99, which I think is very reasonable indeed and postage is FREE worldwide! PicStick also aim to print, package and sent the magnets within one working day of the order being placed!
My magnets came in a nice thick, protective envelope so the magnets didn't get damaged or bent in the post.

Don't they look great on my fridge? I've had a few comments from visitors asking where I got them from and how they fab they look!
I would deffinetly reccomend these magnets and I would certainly buy them again! I love showing off my photos, especially in magnet form, hehe.


Picstick have kindly given me a discount code for all my lovely readers. You can 25% off your order using this code: MUM25

You can also follow PicStick on Facebook & Twitter.

Sarah xXx

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Disclosure: I received a sheet of photo magnets for the purpose of this review. I was not paid to write this post. All opinions are my own, honest, personal opinion(s).

Our weekly meal plan #MealPlanningMonday

at home with mrs m

Monday - Chicken, fries and spaghetti hoops.

Tuesday - Home made lasagne (Ellie's fave as it's her Bday!)

Wednesday - Tuna and pasta with salad.

Thursday - All day breakfast!

Friday - Pizza day.

Saturday - Chicken curry with rice and naan bread.

Sunday - Toad in the hole with veg and gravy.

What's on your meal plan this week?

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Sarah xXx