Monday, 27 April 2015

Meal Planning Monday. #MealPlanningMonday

Meal Planning Monday

Gosh, it's been a while since I've meal planned! Now we're starting to settle into our new house, I really need to get back into meal planning! I have a new cooker (my old one was donkeys years old and took forever to cook anything) so I am looking forward to making some new foods and learning some new recipes, yum yum.
I do need a new slow cooker, mine got broken in the house move. Which really sucks!!! 

Monday - Sweet chilli chicken pasta with salad and coleslaw.

Tuesday - Home made lasagne with home made potato wedges and garlic bread.

Wednesday - BBQ chicken rice and peas + french stick bread.

Thursday - Peppered beef baguettes with salad and home made fries.

Friday - PIZZA DAY!

Saturday - Chicken Korma with pilau rice and naan bread

Sunday - Sunday roast dinner.

What's on your meal plan this week?

Sarah xXx

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The one where the kids start a new school.

Just over three weeks ago we moved house. We've moved to a 'new' (I say 'new' but it's not really new because it's the area I grew up in & the area that all my family live in. So we are familiar with this area) area which means the kids have had to change schools. It's a big deal moving house and area's no matter what age you are but it's even more of a big deal when you're only small. Especially when it comes to starting a new school and making new friends.

The school they attend now is only a small school, there's not many students at all, each year group only has between 7 and 10 children in so the classes are joined. Two year groups in one class. Harry and Charlie are now in the same class, which I think is lovely. They wern't exactly keen on this idea to begin with but now they really like it! They have made SO many friends. They've settled in really fast and even Harry has said to me "It feels like I've been here forever, I love it so much and I fit in really well" I know that Charlie and Ellie feel the same! I've already had parents evening - the boys are both doing amazing! There class teacher (who happens to know my dad? *baffled*) said that he can see they've been brought up really well, they're well mannered, polite and get on with what they're suppose to be doing. He also said he can tell they've had a good education and have been well taught. Which is true, there old school did teach them well and I always made sure they did there homework, reading and what not.

When it comes to Ellie, she HAS settled in but sometimes she becomes a bit tearful before school, when it comes to leaving me (I think it's called separation anxiety). At her old school, she had the same group of friends since nursery/pre-school and the same teacher for nearly two years, I know that plays a huge part in her tearful mornings. It's only to expected. However, she has made lots of new friends and really likes her new class teacher(s). The head teacher makes a really big effort with Ellie to help her settle in. She really enjoys the new routine of her new school, it's a bit different from her old school but she really does like it. I know it's going to take a bit longer for her settle than it has taken the boys, she's a bit younger and it's all very new. I've got parents evening with Ellie's teachers this coming week :) She's been doing a lot of reading and learning her two and five times tables this week, at home.

All three little's have already got certificates for settling in and making friends/being polite etc. I am really, really proud of them. Prouder than ever. They've handled moving house, changing schools and making friends SO well. I knew they would like it here and I knew that they would love the school (and area) perfectly. I am really lucky to have three amazing, healthy, bright, talented children. They're my whole world and more.

(Also, Harry starts high school this year, I applied for him to start the local high school and he got his place there, too! Such a relief!)

Overall, we all really enjoy living here. I am much happier and less anxious! The kids are all happy. We're so fortunate to live in this area. It's truly beautiful! The house is also beautiful! Watch this space for more 'new house' blog posts...
Sarah xXx

(PS Blog posts might be few and far between as I don't have the internet - STILL. Don't get me started on this lol. Hopefully I'll be back properly soon! I miss blogging so much)

Monday, 13 April 2015

Moved house!

Just a quick post..

Phew! It's been a couple of week or so since I lasted blogged. The reason being is, we moved house! It was a mad rush because we weren't exactly expecting to move house. It was in the pipeline and has been for a while but it all happened so suddenly. All is good though! We live in a much better area now and the house is beautiful!

I don't have the internet at the moment as I'm still waiting for the phone line to be connected (This seems to be a huge problem but should be sorted by the end of the month). I am currently using a dongle and there really isn't much data on it. I also can't pick up 3G in this area, which is a bit crud. I am really hoping to be back blogging soon. I miss it SO much and I miss my blogging friends. I have so much to say and so many posts and pictures to share with the world.

Hopefully I'll be back soon but in the mean time it's ta ta for now.

Sarah xXx

P.S - I have posted a few pics on instagram when we've been out and about and I've managed to pick up 3G, so please do over and check those out if you'd like. My username is: sassyserz

Thursday, 26 March 2015

I'm thankful for... #ThankfulThursday

I am very thankful for the fact that the little's break up from school this week! I can not tell you how glad I am about that. It will be lovely to have them home and have a break from the school routine.

I am also thankful and happy that it's almost Easter, which means the weather should start improving very soon, we can't wait! I love Easter because it usually means sunny weather, yay!

I am really proud of the kids, they have done so well at school at this term, they've behaved well at home and they're becoming very independent, which is of course, bittersweet!

Very basic and simple reasons to be happy and thankful this week but all is good :)

What are your reasons to be happy/thankful this week?

Sarah xXx

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It's hard to believe...

It is SO hard to believe that my children are growing SO fast. Especially my eldest Harry. He's going to be turning twelve years old this year. 12!!! Which means, this coming September, he;s going to be starting high school. That is just crazy! How has time gone so quick? How has he learned so much, so fast? How has it been twelve years since he was born? Wow. Charlie will be in year 6 come September, which is also rather hard to believe, my little 5lb 3oz baby... in year SIX?! WHAT?! And Ellie will be in year three. It feels like she JUST started school! It really does go so, so fast!
Here are a few pictures of my boys and Ellie growing up over the past however many years. It's just crazy.

Harry in 2003.
2005! Wow, Charlie was tiny.
Charlie and Ellie in 2007.
Ups and downs smiles and frowns The Gallery Post
Harry and Charlie in 08.

Charlie in 2009?
The boys.
An old collage I made years ago!
World book day in 2009.
Ellie was 2/3 months old in this pic! Aww.
Easter 2013.
2015! They have grown up SO fast!

Part of me really doesn't like the fact they are becoming so independent and growing up so fast, but the other part of me enjoys watching them grow and learn new things. I am nervous and excited at the same time, haha. Bittersweet comes to mind, ha. I am so proud of them all, I really can not tell you how proud of them I am.

Sarah xXx