Monday, 1 September 2014

And it's airshow time!

red arrows

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the airshow. We don't live very far from the beach, which is where the air show was hosted!

We got to the seafront around lunch time and ate some chips in one of the little gardens along the seafront. You can not beat chips along the seafront, it's one of favourite things to do! And a really nice treat.

It was SO busy but we didn't let that put us off. We went for a walk around after we'd had something to eat, just before the airshow started!

There were lots of stalls and raffles, things for sale and what not. It was fab! The kids had a lovely time, too.

We watched rescue helicopters 'rescue' people from the sea (who wern't really in danger, they were just demonstrating). We also learned a lot about how rescues happens and a lot about the helicopters and pilots, too. Such good fun & educational, too.

There was also all kind of airplanes and war planes demonstrating. We learned a lot about those, too! It was amazing watching the planes fly over the water and do all kinds of stunts.

Can you guess what our favourites were?

red arrows @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns
red arrows

 THE RED ARROWS!! Now, they really were awesome.Watching the red arrows display was.. I don't really know how to describe it, it was just incredible. They made a fountain shape with there smoke and a heart shape high in the sky. The kids really LOVED the smoke, the red, blue and white, they looked so pretty! Charlie was totally in awe with them. Ellie was more interested in play8ing in the sand LOL and Harry was like "Wow those pilots are so brave".
It was lovely at the end, when the red arrows were leaving and the whole beach was cheering and clapping! Was rather amazing. 

red arrows

The kids also got to burn off energy on the beach, build some sand castles and have a little look around all the different stalls. We didn't win on the raffle but I did treat the kids to a little something each :) Bless 'em. We can't wait to go again next year!! Such a cheap, fun day out.

Ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Red arrows.

Over all we had a fantastic time!

Sarah xXx

Weekly meal plan #MealPlanningMonday

at home with mrs M

Monday: Chicken curry with rice and naan bread

Tuesday: Chicken burgers in buns with fries and salad

Wednesday: All day breakfast

Thursday: Sausage stew (slow cooker)

Friday: Home made lasagne

Saturday: Pizza day!

Sunday: Sunday roast dinner.

Sarah xXx

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Insomnia is not fun!

I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I haven't been sleeping very well at night, I keep waking up even though I am SO tired. I feel 'groggy' all day and just blah! Like, I am so, so tired. I actually tried to have a nap today but I STILL couldn't sleep, I kept waking up. I gave up trying to sleep and now I feel really kind of fatigue and just not really with it.. Drained perhaps is the word?! Do you know what I mean? It's hard to explain. I know that I'm OVER tired but gosh, what I wouldn't give for a good nights (solid) sleep!! I think once the kids are back to school and we are back into our routine, my sleeping will improve. Insomnia is not fun.

Speaking of going back to school... I have finally got the kids uniforms, I just need to get Ellie's shoes (I so hope Clarks have her size in stock) and she could do with some more blouses and another pinafore. She's gone off wearing trousers for some bizarre reasons. The school is open the day before the kids go back, so I'll be able to purchase uniform - school jumpers etc, that I can't buy in the store (they have school logs on). I am really looking forward to getting back into routine but I know how much I'm going to miss the kids and I really, really will miss them. We have a had a fantastic summer.
We had a fantastic day our crabbing last week. And we went to the air show the week before (I still need to write about the air show). The kids have really enjoyed there time off from school. I still can't believe that it's Harry's last year at primary school! Eek!! Charlie will be in year five and Ellie in year two. They are growing up SO fast.

Sarah xXx

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

My reasons to be cheerful this week. #R2BC

1) We had a lovely day yesterday. I took the kids crabbing and they had an amazing time. It was such a beautiful day - best make the most of the weather now because the weather will be changing very soon.


2) The little's go back to school next week and yes, I will miss them greatly but it will be really good to get back into normal routine. I have brought there uniforms and what not. I do still need to buy Ellie's shoes though, hopefully they'll have her size in stock either the weekend or early next week!

3) I have had an eye hemorrhage which has finally better! My eye is no longer bloodshot. FINALLY! I do still have a chest infection, hopefully the antibiotics will help :)

4) We had a fabulous time at the airshow last week. The red arrows were brilliant! Seriously, super cool. Those pilots are so brave. Not sure I could do what they do, lol. 

Sarah xXx