Reasons to be cheerful.. 1..2..3!!!


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I got this idea from Julie & thought I might do it, too.
(Ok except for kids & family etc because that goes without saying! Obviously they make me more than happy since they are my entire world.)

1) Sunshine - We've not had much of that here lately in South East (UK). It's rained a lot. Today however, it has been sunny and quite mild until after teatime then it rained but that's not the point. Sunshine makes me happy and being able to open the windows and air the house. It makes me feel productive and energetic. I love the sunshine.

2) Sleep! - Sleep is something I Don't get enough of. Sometimes I get 4/5 hours sleep a night (5 hours is a GOOD sleep for me!) Other nights I find it so hard to sleep (like last night). When I have had  good nights kip it makes me happier the next day lol.

3) Reading - I love to read. Especially now that I can actually read properly using my e reader! It's so relaxing. I have missed reading. Oh, how I love modern technology lol, being able to make the font bigger, awesome.

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