WOW updating three days in a row. And another sunny afternoon (yay!)
I think I have invited everyone that asked to be invited! So if you are reading this please leave a comment =] (Not that you have to comment all the time, I would like to know who really DOES read so just this 1 time lol)

So every. Single. Day. Ellie asked me "is it my Birthday" I always reply with "no" Which she then asks "How many days" I usually say something like "5 months" Today I actually told her "138 days" (her birthday is actually 138 daays, I looked on my ticker list lol) her reaction? She looked puzzled. She said "that's next year" LOL. She's only four, 138 days must seem forever away, it even feels that way to me and I then I think to myself how it really isn't that far away until my BABY is going to be five. Anyway, keeping to the story.. I always explain to her that Charlies birthday is first (which is the beginning of July) and she always says "That's not fair" but today? She said "Can me and Charlie swap birthdays" LOL.IT's hard to explain to a four year old that you can't just "swap" birthdays. *Sigh*

Charlie hasn't really asked for anything for his birthday, he wants me to surprise him. So I have decided (I think) on a metal detector (Just as well we live near a beach!), a bug hunting kit (actually he did mention this a couple of days ago about how "useful" that would be lol) & probably some clothes.  instead. I don't know !!! Argh!!

Ellie - Idk, she wants a dolls house (again) or a dolls pram (again) or lalaloopsy dolls/accessories, or a bike. In fact Ellies list is endless.

Harrys Birthday isn't until October, I'm not quite sure what he wants, I don't even think he knows to be honest, lol. He is so hard to buy for, he's rather fussy. Probably a few little presents & some clothes. I really don't know. What do you buy a boy on his 9th Birthday? He doesn't play with toys as such, he likes XBOX and football. New football kit? =/ Argh.

For Christmas I think I am going to get them all a new bike.
I know, I am thinking way to ahead but I really NEED to be organised this year.
Anyhow I must go my boyfriend will be here in less than an hour and a half, I really need to finish putting washing away.

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  1. I'm reading :)

    This year is flyIng by! It'll be Christmas before we know it!


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