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I've still not got any internet but when I DO have the internet I will be forever grateful. Life without the internet is hard. It's strange how we come to rely on such things that never existed years and years ago! I'm scheduling this post while I have access to mobile internet. I'm thankful that blogger has a schedule blog post feature, haha.

Anyway, here are my reasons to be thankful this week.

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1) I am thankful for the half term. So far we've had a lovely half term. We've been to castle park again and fed the squirrels some nuts. I could have seriously spent all day just feeling them, lol. Not even kidding when I say that, I loved them, as did the little's. There was a summer fete/fair thingy on in castle park, with Go Kart rides, bouncey castles, cheer leaders and other dancing. It was a fab day.

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2) The weather has been lovely *knocks on wood* so far this week, always a blessing when the weather is nice. I love being able to hang my washing on the line, it smells so much fresher. It's the simple things in life that make me happy.
 Even my cat has been enjoying the sunshine, bless.

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3) The kids have been really well behaved. I think it helps that they can play outside safely. Riding up and down the path way on there scooters and what not! They've all made new friends and settled in really well to our new house and area. Ellie has a friend that lives a couple of doors down and they play together for hours with there scooters/bikes and dolls. :)

What areyour reasons to be happy and cheerful this week?

Sarah xXx

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  1. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that make us thankful isn’t it? I love the picture of your cat sunbathing – they are so good at living the life of luxury! Glad you’ve had a lovely week and are enjoying half term, hope the kids continue to behave! #thankfulthursday

  2. The little things can sometimes be my happiest moments! And the Internet is one of them sadly ha ha! Nah I think it's just my phone and texts rather than the net! Lovely reasons x

  3. Looks like it has been a lovely half-term for you all - so nice to have had good weather and being able to get outside is always nice. There's just something about hanging washing on the line too - it's one of the simple things that makes me happy too :-) #thankfulthursday

  4. Having outdoor fun in school holidays is certainly a great reason to smile

  5. Great list if things to be thankful for and ird7so hard to live without the internet now - it's like the feeling of your arm cut off. #thankfulthursday

  6. Lovely reasons! I love that your children can play outside safely, I live on a main road. I'm in the process of turning my garden into somewhere we want to spend time x

  7. Hope your internet is better soon! I love your list, kids are always much happier in the freedom and fresh air aren't they! #thankfulthursday


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