My Nametags Colour Stickers {Review}


I was asked if we'd like to review some personalised, colourful name labels from for my children.

My name tags sell a variety of labels, in all different designs, it's easy to personalise your design with a cute background, icon and even change the font and font colour! The website is ever so easy to use and it's fast, too. I really enjoyed designing the labels with the children and it didn't take very long to design the labels.

Now, I personally think name labels are very important, especially for school uniform. My children are always loosing or forgetting there school jumpers or getting mixed up with blouses and shirts and even P.E kits. I couldn't wait to try these labels!  My name tags use a special adhesive glue and high quality material to print the labels on making them very good quality. The labels stick onto the name tag or the washing tag inside the clothing, in this case, I stuck Ellie's onto her school cardigan label. There's no need to sew or iron them on, they really do just stick on like a sticker! They are also quite flexible, meaning they can stick around lunch boxes etc. I'd also like to add they are machine washable, which I really, really like because they don't need to keep being replaced.
Ellie said these are beautiful name labels, she especially loves the cupcake and purple writing, bless her.

- Please note, I have had to blur and blot out the surnames on the labels for obvious reasons. 

We chose a pink background for Ellie's labels with a cupcake icon, a football icon for Charlie with a green background and Harry just wanted plain name labels, him being that little bit older, I think the plain ones suited him best. The labels are ever so colourful and bold.

Charlie loves his football design labels, hehe.

I've stuck them in school jumpers, shoes, P.E kits, shirts, trousers etc. They are machine washable, they stay stuck on, even when they've been washed! They've been on the clothes three months now and they're still stuck on and brightly coloured. I even stick one on Ellie's lunch bag and I'm pleased to say, three months later - it's still stuck on and as bright as it was the day I put it on!

3 months later! Still stuck to the cardigan & looks cute!

My name tags can also be stuck onto iPods, books, DVDs, shoes and so much more!
Fifty six labels costs £11.95 and postage is £1. In my personal opinion, I think these are well worth the money! They last a long time, they don't need to replaced and they wash really well! The children also really love the design and how they look. There are SO many ways you can personalise these name tags. I would definitely recommend these labels!
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I am also hosting a giveaway to win a set of My Name Tags. You can enter here.

Sarah xXx

I was sent a sample of this product for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for this post. All opinions are my own, honest, personal opinions.

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  1. Oh these look awesome I will have to get some for B when he starts school in september what a great idea. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope you are enjoying my blog hop and thanks for all the linky support! #sharewithme

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