Lots of upcoming Easter events going on this week.

Charlies Easter (school) assembly was today, it was very cute. The whole school told the Easter story via singing songs. It was truly lovely to see 70+ children all singing cute songs about Easter and spring at the same time. Very cute indeed and I am glad I got the chance to go. Charlie enojyed his Easter disco yesterday after school. He was very tired last night though, lol.
Ellie as been busy at nursery making Easter cakes, Easter cards and things to do with spring - paper flowers and what not. 
Harry is going to church Friday morning with his school. They'll learn about Easter and the build up to Easter. I guess it's good he goes to a Church of England school, although I have never forced religion onto my children, Harry seems to show a big interest in Christianity, he's very inquisitive about it. I think him going to church will be good for himParents can also attend the church service Friday morning but I am not sure if I can make it yet. I've not been to church for.... years. Even then it was only because I was in the school choir/attending a wedding or the odd Christmas occasion. I did however, attend Sunday school and I LOVED it. I'm thinking about putting Ellie into Sunday school but I will probably wait until she's a bit older and can decide for herself because again, I don't want to force religion onto my kids. Would that be forcing it though? What are your thoughts on this? 
So the build up to Easter is very busy and very exciting. I'm also excited.. excited to see my fella, we haven't seen each other for 3 weeks! It feels like eternity. I can't wait =D

Sarah xXx

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