Just another manic Monday.


I've been meaning to update but never really have time and then when I do have time... I never know what to write lol.

I thought I'd tell you all about my rather productive weekend.
Saturday I had a new sofa coming (well second hand but it looks like brand new!) which meant I really had to rearrange my front room. On my own. I had to drag out my huge T.V cupboard, small cupboard and corner unit. It was very... awkward lol. This is what my front room looked like before:
(pic was taken in January btw)

So after spending hours (4hours) getting that huge TV unit out and the little cupboard (both were rather heavy) I then had to move the book case & get the corner unit out: 

The bookcase I moved somewhere else in my front room & the corner unit needs to go to the rubbish dump. As 1) I don't like it and 2) There's nowhere to actually put it. So after I did that I then had to put the new TV stand together, tidy up, smash the old T.V cupboard up ready to go to the rubbish dump and now my front room looks like this:
Much better! 

So Saturday was a rather productive day. I was shattered by the end of it lol.
Sunday I spent cooking a really yummy roast dinner. Roast chicken, roast potatos, mash potato, peas, carrots, gravy and yorkshire pudding. Yum Yum! We had a nice relaxing afternoon, the kids were really well behaved and spent most of the afternoon playing board games, watching T.V and eating ice cream lol. 

This week is hopefully going to go by fast, well at least Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I've done housework and washing. Tomorrow I need to grocery shopping & Ellie has nursery in the afternoon, Charlie has his school Easter Disco straight after school until 4:30 and then in the evening my shopping should arrive. 
Wednesday Ellie is at nursery all day. I need to try and shop for something to wear - a DRESS. ME in a DRESS? (ugh) because me and my fella are going out this weekend. He arrives at mine Wednesday night and I can not wait!!!!!!!! Gosh, I miss him so, so much! Roll on Wednesday! 

I hd more to say but the kids have just come in from playing football in the garden and Charlie wants my help with his homework and Harry needs me to "fix" the T.V remote (the batteries need replacing). I'll update about the rest of my week another time! 
Please leave me suggestions of blogs to follow :) 

Sarah xXx

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