Pressure pushing down on me


I've been feeling a little rundown lately. I don't know if it's because I'm coming down with something or because I am so stressed! The holiday season can be rather stressful can't it?! I don't know why I'm stressing about it really, everything is almost brought, plans are in place... but still I stress! Charlie has changed his mind about wanting a bike now and wants a mini remote control helicopter (??) instead but it's too late "Santa" already brought his bike. I really hope he won't be disappointed. I think once he's opened it, he'll be okay, especially as El and H have also got a new bike, they'll be able to play together on them, right? Someone please tell me it'll be ok, lol!
I'd really like to take the kids to see Santa next week, I just hope that there's somewhere around here that actually has a Santas grotto, usually they'd see him at a Christmas fare but there doesn't even seem to be any of those on. Perhaps it's still too soon to be thinking of things like that though? Why am I SO anxious about it all?! Ugh. I feel under pressure and I shouldn't because there's nothing to be "pressured" into. I don't know! Maybe I just need a goods nights kip, lol.

(Practice dress rehersal at home lol
my lil' girl in her angel outfit ready for her xmas play). 
Sorry for poor photo quality, my camera on my phone is rubbish.

Charlie was off school today as he was poorly last night, some kind of tummy bug. He's better now though, thank goodness!
El is really, really excited about her Christmas performance tomorrow and Friday! I am too. I can only go to the Friday one but I am really looking forward to it!
H is doing good, too! He won a prize (an Olympics key ring thingy) for making the best Christmas card in his class. He used so much glitter, I'm still finding it in the bottom of his bag and book bag a week later LOL! We do love glitter in this house, hehe.
The ornaments we made. 
(The xmas tree is made of paper though)

I'm not sure if I wrote about our Christmas crafts, we've been making salt dough ornaments and clear baubles filling with glitter (and perhaps chocolates when we make some of XMAS eve). It's really good fun! What kind of things do you make around Christmas time? I'd love some ideas!! I'm not good at baking, I wish I was. I even manage to mess up those pre-packaged ingredients/cookies/cakes LOL (don't ask how, I have no idea!)

Sarah xXx

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