Feeling festive... Finally.


Merry Christmas.

I think I'm just about ready for Christmas. I only need to buy the fresh fruit and veggies now, which is ok, I plan on tackling the supermarket early tomorrow morning. Hopefully before it gets too busy!

The presents are all wrapped, the Christmas cards are all sent, the Christmas meal plan is done and I finally have a star big enough for the top of the Christmas tree. I'm feeling quite organised now and hopefully my festive mood will stay.

Christmas star tree topper @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

It's been quite difficult to get into the Christmas spirit this year because I have had a lot to do and a lot going on! My dad had a tripple heart bypass on Friday, which wasn't really expected. You see, a couple of weeks ago, he had a major heart attack and didn't even think it WAS a heart attack. Just as well my step mum called the paramedics. The bypass was very successful and he is recovering really well. Fingers crossed he'll be home in time for Christmas.

So that all being said, you can imagine how crazy things have been.

I've been catching up on writing reviews and (slowly) reading blogs, responding to emails, messages and comments!

ups and downs, smiles and frowns
It's almost Christmas  how exciting!
I am very much looking forward to (a relaxing) Christmas this year. And the kids are super excited, as you can probably imagine, haha. I am also looking forward to Christmas eve, lots of family time, Christmas arts and crafts and of course Christmas movies! The kids have already chose which movies they'd like to watch, including Elf (my favourite!), the Grinch and Home alone. Christmas to us, would not be Christmas without those movies. What are your favourite festive films?

The kids have some really lovely presents and I'm indeed looking forward to spending the day with my little's and loved ones. It will be a lovely break.

Sarah xXx

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