A birthday update.


So if you read my #R2BC post you'll know that on Wednesday some of my family - my mum, step dad, brother, nanna and granddad came over to see me! They treated us to a chinese take out. 'Twas yummy. It was a really nice treat for my birthday and so, so nice  to see everyone, I hadn't seen any of my family since the first week of December! 

 On my birthday (yesterday. I can't believe I'm twenty eight. Time goes so fast) I didn't really do anything during the day, just chillaxed and I had to take E to the doctors because she's hurt her toe and no idea HOW she's actually done it. Two of her toes are swollen, not broken though, thankfully! So the nurse just tapped those together with this really sticky stuff, in hope that it'll help them heel. I wish I knew how she did it. Maybe she did it at school? I don't know. She's not in any pain, which is a good thing! If it's no better within a week I'll take her back to the doctors or if it gets any worse over the weekend then to take her to A&E. Hopefully neither will be the case, I am praying her toe gets better! 
 Anyway, back to my birthday... I got.... A KINDLE FIRE HD!!!!!!!!!!! Best. Present. Ever. Oh my days, I have wanted one for such a long time, I am seriously in love with it, lol! So many amazing apps. I need to add all my books to it tomorrow, hoping I can actually transfer them from my old e-reader to the Kindle Fire HD. I also got some new trainers from the kids (nike ones, my old reebok ones were falling apart), Call The Midwife (series 1) on DVD (yay!) some socks and some pink slippers! My friend brought me some owl socks and an owl key ring which I love and was so thoughtful of her, she knows I have thing about owls lately, hehe. I loved the cake the kids picked for my Birthday. We all enjoyed that, mt best friend came over and sang happy birthday & stayed for cake, too! It really was a good day, best birthday, ever!! I seriously feel so, so lucky! I couldn't have wished for a better Birthday. 

Last night I drank the bottle of wine (since I wasn't on my own!) that my mum gave me for my birthday, omdz, I was am SO hungover today. (I didn't drink the WHOLE bottle) It's weird, even if I only drink one glass of wine, I suffer with a bad hangover. Doesn't matter how much or how little I drink, I still get a hangover. I even drank a pint and a half of water before bed last night. I don't know why I suffer so much, lol! I was fine this morning but now? Ugh. Was nice to let my hair down for a bit. I'm so looking forward to my bed tonight though, lol. Gonna probably chill with my kindle, hehe. I've ordered a charger from E-bay though because the USB lead connected to my laptop takes ages to charge. I do have USB plug but apparently the charger is suppose to charge it faster? Who knows. The charger was cheap so doesn't really matter. Does anyone have any apps, tips or tricks they'd like to share with me?  My brother, SIL and niece popped over this morning for a bit. Was really nice to see them. Aimee, my niece is growing up so fast! She's 18/19 months old now but so clever, she's a little character I'll try to do that review for the planner (I won) tomorrow.  Seriously I really love it! Best comp ever, lol! Not much planned for tomorrow.. just the usual Sunday stuff.. A roast dinner, school uniforms to iron, the usual stuff! I am so hoping the weather warms up a little now that March is finally here, I really have had enough of the cold weather now. I want to get out in the garden and mow the lawn, clear the garden up etc. I also want to start walking if I can, sometimes walking helps my headaches if it's not too bright - really must invest in some sunglasses as my other ones have broke! 

Sarah xXx

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  1. I've got the Kindle Fire HD too and love it xx


  2. happy birthday! I just have basic kindle so can't help '-)

  3. Glad you had a great birthday with your family :) hope your little one is feeling better now...

  4. Forgot to say thanks for linking up with us at welcome to the weekend hop :)

  5. A Kindle Fire is on my list of wants as well, lucky you. Happy belated birthday :)


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