My favourite things about being a mum


In no particular order.

♥ All lounged around in front of the T.V watching family movies. 
♥ Hearing the kids giggle. 
♥ The kids randomness & how they make me chuckle with some of the things they say (Example: Charlie points to an aeroplane in the sky that' left a trail of "smoke" behind it "Look mummy it's a rocket" ME: "Oh hmm. What makes you think it's a rocket?" Charlie: "Because it's leaving a trail of cheese behind" ME: *confused expression* "CHEESE?!?! Why cheese?" Charlie: "Because the moon is made of cheese silly" LOL. So precious. 
♥ The pictures the kids make me. I have boxes full of pictures/art work/school work/stories etc. Need some new magnets so that I can magnet some to the fridge.
♥ When an adult tells me how beautiful and well behaved my children are. Now, they might play me up sometimes but 9 times out of 10 they do behave in public :)
♥ Teaching my kids new things - like teaching Charlie to climb the top of climbing frame/slide and I get to go down too. Or showing Ellie how to swing on the swings without needing anyone to push her (push legs out and then in and so on) Or teaching Harry how to do bubble writing. Such fun.
♥ Hearing my kids read. 
♥ Seeing the looks on there faces when I surprise them something or take them somewhere new! 
♥ Hearing how well they're doing at school. 
Really I just LOVE everything about being a mum. 
My kids are my life, my world, me entire everything. <3 
What are your favourite things about being a parent?

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  1. Fantastic reasons to be cheerful! xx

  2. I agree there is no better sound than hearing children laughing x


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