Our spring so far...


I thought I would do a round up of our spring so far.
The weather hasn't actually been too bad. There's been a few days where it's been windy and wet, but overall we've had quite a pleasant spring. We've managed to get outside quite a bit, we are such an outdoorsy family.

In April we moved house, a different area and a lovely house! Easter was a bit chaotic but the kids enjoyed it none the less. If I'm honest we are still settling in and getting use to our new environment but we are really enjoying it. The children have settled into there new schools and made lots of new friends. Harry has done his SATS and we are patiently waiting for his results. Charlie has done mock SATS (because he's in year five). Ellie has really started to settle now and seems to be enjoying school and making new friends. Even our cats, 'Lotti' and 'Sylvie' have settled in well! The house is amazing and I am busy planning on what colour schemes I'd like etc. We still don't have the internet (I'm using a dongle at the moment, which is a bit temperamental).

We've been to castle park twice where we had a picnic and fed the squirrels, we also had a fun time at the summer fete! It was such great fun. I think castle park is probably our favourite place to go as a family, there is so much to do there, so many things to see. There's usually bouncy castles and other inflatables, there is of course the play park, the gardens and the cafe. There's a pond and of course the castle itself! But most of all I think we like the squirrels. They are so tame and so, so cute! It's a really cheap day out for all of us to enjoy.

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We've also enjoyed exploring our new area (although this is the area I grew up in). There's quite a few play areas for the kids to play on. We're so lucky to have a woodland right on our doorstep (literally two minutes walk away). It's so beautiful at this time of year, it's covered in bluebells. We've had fun feeding the ducks and spotting lots of wildlife, which always makes us happy.

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Overall we've had a fabulous spring. It's been chaos with moving house and what not but it's been fun. It's been an adventure. We are so looking forward to the summer. The last term of school especially. We're looking forward to exploring more and all the end of term activities. We're hoping to get a lot of things ticked off our summer bucket list!

What are you most looking forward to this summer? I'd love to hear your plans.

Sarah xXx


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  1. Looks like a lovely day! Also, I know what it is like to fight with temperamental internet...hope you get yours up and running soon! Found your post at the #TwinklyTuesday link up. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely! We too love being outside. Our particular favorite is hiking :-)

  3. Looks like you've had some lovely times. I'm really really looking forward to the weather getting a bit nicer. Seriously, when the heck is real summer coming?! We have a holiday in three and a half weeks here in the UK so I am very much looking forward to that and praying the weather is going to be good for it! We love being outdoors and have a beautiful country park right on our doorstep, it's divine, especially in the sunshine! Hope you have some wonderful summer adventurs planned :) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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