Nobody's Son by Cathy Glass {Book Review}


Nobody's son by cathy glass - Book Review.

Harper Collins got in touch with me and asked me if I'd like to review Nobody's Son by Cathy Glass. Nobody's son is Cathy's new book and is out at the end of this month. I am a HUGE Cathy Glass fan and couldn't wait to read this book! (You can check out my other Cathy Glass book reviews by clicking on the 'Cathy Glass' label on the right side of my blog).

 The blurb:

Born in a prison and removed from his drug-dependent mother, rejection is all that 7-year-old Alex knows.
When Cathy is asked to foster little Alex, aged 7, her immediate reaction is: Why can’t he stay with his present carers for the last month? He’s already had many moves since coming into care as a toddler and he’ll only be with her a short while before he goes to live with his permanent adoptive family. But the present carers are expecting a baby and the foster mother isn’t coping, so Alex goes to live with Cathy.

He settles easily and is very much looking forward to having a forever family of his own. The introductions and move to his adoptive family go well. But Alex is only with them for a week when problems begin. What happens next is both shocking and upsetting, and calls into question the whole adoption process.
Cathy Glass is a foster carer and has fostered over 150 children! She is an amazing, inspiring woman who shares the stories and her own experiences of some of the children she has fostered over the years.
I really like Cathy's writing style, she writes so beautifully and comes across as very down to earth. I actually feel like I know Cathy very well because of the way she comes across in her books! A truly admirable lady.
I'm going to start by saying, I whizzed through this book! It took me less than two days to read but honestly, I could easily have read this book in one sitting had that of been possible. I found it very hard to put down. Cathy shares the story of a child she fostered named 'Alex'. He comes into Cathy's care aged 7 years old, having been in care for some years and having moved many times, Alex is looking forward to meeting his forever family - He is being adopted but in the meantime he stays with Cathy and her two children, Adrian and Paula. Alex is so excited to being a part of his forever family but problems start happening and Alex is left devastated.... Alex has been through a lot in his life, he hasn't had the best of starts, will it all work out for Alex in the end? 
I don't want to go into any more details as I really don't like giving spoilers in my book reviews. An excellent book, wonderfully written and a true story! Nobody's Son did pull at my heart strings, had a little bit of a lump in my throat towards the end as I do with most of Cathy's books. I would highly recommend this book if you enjoy fostering memoirs. I rated this book five out of five stars on goodreads. 
This book will be on sale from 23rd February 2017. 

I'm already looking forward to Cathy's next book!!

Sarah xXx

I was sent a copy of this book for the purpose of the review. All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post.
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  1. This book sounds like it would pull at your heart strings, and it being a true story too!

  2. I do love to read these books by Cathy Glass, with every sad story there is always a happy ending x

  3. Guyt wrenching, heart pulling packed full of juicy bits this book sounds like! Thanks for sharing

  4. I definitely feel like this would pull at my heartstrings - definitely sounds like something I'd struggle to read in public as I'm prone to getting teary at books like this!

  5. Ooooo, thanks for sharing. I'll be recommending this to a few of my friends. I'm hoping for a happy ending though ...

  6. This book sounds really intriguing! Although I personally can't cope with sad books about children! So lets hope it's a happy ending!

  7. It sounds like an interesting and riveting read, especially as you read it so quickly. Love books that you can't put down.

  8. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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