Taboo from Hasbro {Review}


 Hasbro sent us the board game 'Taboo' to review and share on my blog. Last week was national board games week which was hosted by Pork Farms Pork pies. The championship finale is 24th June 2017. You can download a Family Board Game pack from Pork Farms Pork Pies.
The games were supplied by Hasbro. 

Taboo from Hasbro national board game week (review)

We couldn't wait to play Taboo which is the unspeakable game of fun! The game is aimed at age 13+ and you need 4+ players. 

Taboo from Hasbro review

 Also supplied are a set of instructions and rules. 

Taboo from Hasbro

We set the game up, placing the cards in the little purple tray that is supplied with the game, got the timer out ready. One team has to describe the word on the card without saying the actual word or the 'Taboo' words which are below the the word we need to describe.The 'Taboo' words are the words you can not say or use to describe the word at the top. We were very creative in how we described each word without using the unmentionable, 'Taboo' words. If you mention to the word itself other 'Taboo' words, you get the squeakers and the point goes to the other team. We picked who would hold the squeaker from the other team, who then stood behind the shoulder of the team describing the words, if you speak the word or the 'Taboo' words, you get 'Squeaked' and the point goes to the other team. 

family board game from Hasbro TABOO (Review)
The aim of the game is to describe as many words from the cards as you can before the timer runs out! 

You can use the game changer (dice) to mix it up a little. If it lands on the one guesser icon, only one team mate can guess on your turn.

My daughter is nine years old but she joined in too! She was also in charge of keeping score using the little notepad that comes with the game. The children took it in turns to turn the timer upside down each time. My almost 12 year old hand no problem playing the game and my 13 year old son really enjoyed it, too! 
Taboo is the perfect family game, it's a lot of fun and we laughed a lot trying to describe each word (It's harder than you might think!) We found it quite the challenge to describe words without using the 'Taboo' words. It's great fun and we'll have many more evenings playing this game which is perfect for a rainy day. I think we'll play this game a lot, I don't see us ever getting bored of it! It's a great game for adults, too.

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What's your favourite board game? Let me know in the comments. 

Sarah xXx

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  1. This game looks fabulous, I will add it yo the xmas game list to buy We love playing cluedo.

  2. Taboo is such a fun game to play! We used to play it a lot on family holidays. The weather looks pants this weekend so maybe I'll have to find it so we've got something fun to do :)

  3. Sounds like a great game. We love a good board game here but my little one is too young for this

  4. Oh I've not heard of this board game before, but it looks like tons of fun to play with friends/family. I love word games!

  5. This looks like such a fun game for family and friends to play together - I may have to pick it up!

  6. that's awesome to have games that the whole family can enjoy it. R

  7. I play this game just with flash cards with some of the children i work with and it really gets them thinking! Glad you had fun playing it!xx

  8. I always played this when I was younger, such a fun game - perfect for a family evening xx

  9. Really interesting idea for a game to get people thinking!

  10. I bloody love this game, and without sounding big headed, I'm pretty good at it! Hate being partnered with my brother though, he's rubbish haha! x

  11. It sounds like a great fun game and good that your younger girl could join in too.

  12. I do love board games and family game and alway looking for new ones and this sounds like so much fun!!!

    Laura x

  13. oh my family always loved this when I was younger, I might have to pick up this newer one for them!


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