I was tagged by Mama Owl a few days ago, only just remembered about it. Oops.

Things that really get on my nerves.
This could be long, i'll try to keep it short though, lol! I am in a really ranty, whiney mood this evening :-/ Oh dear.

*Early mornings. UGH. Today started at around 5: 40am for me. Yuck. I seriously am NOT a morning person.
*People who don't answer their phone! What is the point in even having a phone if  they don't answer?!
*People who ride their motorbikes up and down the road at stupid O'clock (Like 9pm) on a weeknight  When I have kids in bed asleep & have to be up early the next day. Inconsiderate much?! Infact, I hate inconsiderate people.
*People who don't take care of there pets. Seriously if you can't afford to care for a pet DON'T GET ONE!
*The fact that Autumn is over. It definitely winter now, SO cold! I don't mind it though but I prefer Autumn, it is the best time of year!
*Slow walking people. I am a fast walker.
*I hate that I am getting older.
*O2, the network keeps going down, WHY?!
*Never having any time for myself. To take a long bubble bath. Do my hair or read at least 5 pages of a book without being interrupted, lol! Ahh one day.

and the fact that I now need to get off the computer because I have dishes to wash *sigh* When can *I* have a day off?! Lol.

Sarah xXx

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  1. unfortunately i'm guilty of this one... "People who don't answer their phone! What is the point in even having a phone if they don't answer?!" i hate talking on the phone and usually don't answer :X

  2. I hate when peopel dont awnser their phones too!!!!!



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