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Remember a few weeks ago when I said I needed to lose weight? Well, I worked really hard, quit junk food and fizzy drinks & worked out. Then I got ill. I had flu for over a week! And I still have a sore throat, this is the third week now. I totally fell off the bandwagon at losing weight and I've actually GAINED weight, ugh. I'm a size 10, I want to be a size 8 again. ALL my clothes are a size 8, nothing fits me. Most size 10 jeans are a bit baggy around the waist but size 8 are too tight. Ugh. I am going to start tomorrow. No more junk food or lucozade. It HAS to stop! And I need to work out and walk more, like I was before I got the flu. I am so ashamed of myself! Tut.
I keep looking at my lovely size 8 skinny jeans for some inspiration.

Anyhoo, tonight I took the kiddies to the firework display at their school. It was great! I brought them all a glowing/flashing sword each. There was a DJ and popcorn, a BBQ, a hot and cold drinks stall. It really was very fun but gosh, it was SO cold! I've been home over an hour and I am still freezing, lol! It was totally worth it though. The kids had a wonderful time and I enjoyed watching the fireworks, didn't enjoy the cold so much though, lol.
I've got a busy day tomorrow. Grocery shopping & all that fun stuff. Wednesday I need to stay home and wait for the parcel I missed today by about 3 minutes. Omdz. IF I get time tomorrow I might walk to the post office sorting office and collect it but I don't know if I'll have time, we'll see.

Well, this was a quick post. I need to go and take something for this sore throat. It's getting me down now *sigh*

Sarah xXx

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  1. Good luck with losing weight. I just love my junk food too much :/

  2. aw the fireworks sounds so fun with the kids :D


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