Easter Cornflake cakes. {Easy Recipe}


Easter cakes
200g crushed corn flakes
200g milk chocolate
Mini eggs/sweets for decorating.
Cupcakes cases.

First of all we broke the chocolate up, put it in a glass bowl and I melted it over a boiling pan of water.
(you can also melt chocolate in the microwave)
Once the chocolate had melted we left it for a few minutes while we crushed the cornflakes.
We put the cornflakes in a freezer bag and crushed them using a rolling pin.
We then added the cornflakes to the melted chocolate and stirred them in.
Then we filled the cupcake cases half way with the chocolate/cornflake mixture & added the mini eggs.
We then left them on the side to set for a couple of hours.

Easy Easter cakes

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  1. You cant really go wrong with cornflake cakes can you, we also use rice crispies, or sometimes bashed up shredded wheat. A little bit of honey on the mix is also nice. They are so easy to make me and the children make them all year round.

  2. Whoo I love this time of year , these look so yummy :) thanks for haring at Creative Mondays...

  3. Scrumptious I think is the word.

  4. Going to make these with the kids, thanks.

  5. I think I might make these this weekend :)

  6. Aww loved making these as a kid and we made them last year with monkey - as he wasn't even 1 yet he basically ate it all but was still lots of fun! Definitely need to make them again this year so thank you for the reminder! Thanks for linking with #creativechallenge xx

  7. My kids love to lick the bowl when they make these :)

  8. Loving Easter treats - so pretty with all the pastel colour eggs (not that the kids care - as long as they taste nice!!) #CreativeChallenge

  9. So easy! And im sure it is super yummy! #minicreations

  10. These look fab and easy to make! #yummy

  11. Cornflake cakes are fab! I love the cute bunnies in your photo :)

  12. Easy but fun, everyone will love these #minicreations

  13. I love corn flake cakes, yours look delicious #minicreations

  14. I love corn flake cakes, yours look delicious #minicreations

  15. Yummy! You can't go wrong with these, my daughter loves making them xx


  16. These are adorable and looks so tasty x

  17. Fave Easter cakes ever-love yours, thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  18. Lucas says - Yum! Yum! In my tum!! These look soooooo yummy and I'm definitely feeling rather hungry now........
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  19. Ahh first off YUMMMY!!! these looks fantastic. Love easter time and all the great goodies. Could use some with my cuppa right about now although my waistline would say otherwise. haha Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I haven't made these before will have to try them out. #sharewithme


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