R2BC (15/1112)


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

What a week!! I defiantly need to remind myself reasons to be cheerful. 

1) I am so excited for Christmas, seriously I can't wait! Although I've barely started Xmas shopping, I am really, REALLY looking foward to spending Christmas with my kids and fella. It's going to be great.
2) I blitzed upstairs and the kitchen earlier. It needed doing badly, I haven't really done THAT much this week because well, I've had a headache and been busy with other stuff so I am really pleased I managed to get done what I did today! 
3) It's nearly the weekend and I can not wait! I feel like I've not had a weekend for ages, I think because I was busy last weekend it didn't feel like the weekend, lol. 

I hope you all had a fab week. Have a great weekend, all! 

Sarah xXx

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  1. Very similar reasons to myself this week. The pre Chrsitmas house clearing does make me feel good afterwards!

  2. I'm glad you found reasons, I hope what evers making it hard gets easier x

  3. we are looking forward to christmas too, it always nice to have a good clear out...i hope u have a great weekend xx

  4. Great reasons and well done on blitzing the kitchen and upstairs! :) x

  5. Excellent reasons, I always feel better after giving the house a good blitz too! x


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