Chaotic Chaos.


Things here have been a bit hectic the last couple of days. My fella has gone home now and I already miss him, he's only been gone a day :( I know that we'll see each other in three weeks though, or less than three weeks. I hope time flies by.
I'll write this entry backwards starting with Yesterday.

Yesterday I was ill. I don't know whether it was related to the IIH or if it was a tummy bug or WHAT it was. I was puking, had a headache (Which lately, is nothing new, again), felt dizzy, was going hot and cold and basically just wanted to sleep. Thankfully I do feel a bit better today, not 100% but better than I was. Still got a headache though which sucks but I'm use to it now I guess. Thankfully the kids haven't been too bad and have actually been quite helpful (this is rare lol).
I did housework today, blah. Borrrriiiiiinnngggg.

Tuesday we (we being me and my fella & Ellie) went grocery shopping and took Ellie to nursery, I had to get the boys there new school shoes and new rain/summer jacket. They both loved those and Ellie got an adorable Minnie mouse T.shirt! Nowhere had any school shoes for her that are suitable for nursery. So I'll have look next week elsewhere I think.

Bank holiday Monday was a lot of fun. We took the kids to the park and went on an *almost* three hour walk. We came across meadows (kind of nature trail) right by where I live, I had no idea it was there. Awesome find!!! We came across a little cute wooden bridge, saw some different birds & got very, very muddy!  Then we went to like another nature trail place which is new and found a couple of potential duck ponds. It started to rain so we headed home and had fish and chips for tea, was a really great day. Everyone slept well that night.
I'll leave you with some pics:

The cute bridge lol
Yay Bluebells. 

Charlie found a hugeeee pinecone


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