1,2,3 reasons to be cheerful


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

1) It's the weekend. I have a child free weekend. Although I have tonsillitis so I won't be doing much at least I get to relax. I'll miss the kids of course but I think a break and at least one day and night on my own will do me the world of good.
2) I had my hair dyed back to dark brown on Wednesday. No more blond, no more really bad roots. And I LOVE my dark hair. Oh how I have missed my long dark hair. Also had my hair trimmed. Yay.
3) Charlie got a place at the junior school Harry currently attends. In September Charlie leaves infants and will be joining his big brother over at the Junior school (Which is next door to the infant school) & Ellie will be starting the infant school in September (Which is very bitter sweet! My baby girl growing up..)

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