Sunday randomness.


I seem to end up with every ones cats in my garden, I don't mind, I quite like cats but I do not like them going thru my dustbins for scraps of food. While we're on the subject of cats, last week I "found" a stray cat, I say "found" it was just on my back door step waiting for me to open the door, came running inside. It was very old and skinny, had no teeth and was meowing, clearly in pain Cat protection ended up coming out to collect it. Poor thing couldn't hardly eat the cat food (that my wonderful boyfriend brought for it) because it had no teeth. Totally heartbreaking :( I would share a picture but I think it would upset people because yup, the cat was in very poor health. Idk how people can just abandon/mistreat animals. Seriously, don't get a pet if you know you can't look after it properly or have no intention of keeping it!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!! I could rant on about it but what is the point?!

Anyway today has been a quiet day, not much really happening. It's bank holiday Monday tomorrow, we've got no plans, just going to chillax I think. It's suppose to rain (makes a change). I really wish the sun would come out, I'm fed up of rain now. 
Here's some pics: 

Ellie is collecting the Moshi Monsters cards. The boys are collecting Match Atax football cards! 
The charm is what I got for mothers day from the kids. I keep it on my bag which is the picture below the charm! Some how I always end up with everyone elses stuff in my bag - Lego, hair clips, bits of playdoh?!  And the picture of me in my purple top with my purple beads. I really want to get back into bead making again! So much fun! 
The last pic -- the kids walking along the top of the stream that runs down along the park & obviously, that's Charlie on the swing, hehe. 

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