My reasons to be cheerful this week..


It's not been a bad week this week (touch wood). It's gone quite fast to be honest. So here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:

1) Easter - The kids break up for school tomorrow! It'll be a well needed rest. A break from doing school uniforms, packed lunches and the rushing around. More importantly though, I get to spend some much needed time with the kids without having to rush around and what not. I'm not sure what we're going to do over the Easter holidays but I'm sure it'll be fun! A trip to the beach, perhaps? As long as it's not raining.
2) Park - The other day after school, we went to the park after school! It was really warm. I was wearing jeans and way far too hot! I hope that's a sign that summer is just around the corner. The kids had a great time at the park, they saw some of there school friends there, too! :) It really does make all the difference to get out of the house!
3) I'm doing good on this whole 'Gluten' free thing. My belly isn't as bloated and I feel much, much better! It sucks that I can't have foods I'd usually eat but I am really just overall feeling much healthier.
4) Mothers day - I had a lovely mothers day! I got a lovely surprise from moonpig, a nice bunch of pretty flowers, a lovely personalised card, some sweets and some pampering goodies from the kids! Harry also had brought me a few little bits, a very sweet little teddy & some other little bits and a nice card! I was totally spoiled! Charlie & Ellie got me something, too! Ellie decorated a flower pot at school and planted a flower inside it for me. Awww ♥ I feel so lucky & blessed.

Mothers day

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week? Why not link up with the blog hop which is hosted by Jo over Ojos world & share your reasons to be cheerful this week :)

Sarah xXx

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  1. What lovely reasons! I am finding it warmer, even in the rain!
    Our children don't break up until next week, hopefully the sun will be shining for us again by then xx

  2. Great reasons! I'm finding it hard to decide what to wear with the weather warming up! We still have one more week of school to get through, enjoy your holidays xx

  3. Enjoy your holidays, we still have a week left x

  4. Lovely reasons, we've been enjoying the good weather too..I hope it lasts! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day :) x

  5. Very lovely reasons. Mothers Day went well by the sound of things. It is great to be able to enjoy the outdoors again and Easter holidays are always fun. Have an amazing week

  6. Brilliant reasons! I am always feeling bloated since I can remember and I wonder if gluten-free would change things for me too. Will think this trough and research about it. #reasonstobecheerful

  7. Glad you had a good mothers day and well done on sticking with the gluten free foods if they are helping you. Mich x

  8. Gorgeous tulips, I'm glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. I did too :) well it was alright haha I'm also looking forward to the Easter hols I'm sure you have a few things up your sleeve :) xx

  9. being spoiled on mothers day is a great reason! enjoy your Easter hols

  10. I should start doing these entries it may keep me focused on the positives more x

  11. Lovely reasons to keep smiling.


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