Careless & Clumsy.


I did something incredibly stupid today. I scolded my hand with boiling hot cooking oil. How it happened? I've no idea, it was just one of those things, it happened so fast! So, I am typing this with my left hand (I'm right handed). I am seriously so clumsy. I kept my hand in freezing cold ice water for a couple of hours and have a wet, cold bandage on it now. I do have burn cream but it doesn't appear to be helping much. I'll get it checked by the nurse tomorrow if needed. We'll see.
Having said the above, if I don't blog often this week -or however long-, you know why - it's difficult to type one handed with my left hand. I do have a couple of posts scheduled though. 
 Honestly, I could kick myself for being so careless and clumsy. I'm really mad at myself about it! It's going to be challenging doing every day things for a while, I should imagine. (It's taken my half an hour to just type the above. I'd usually have it typed within a minute or two. So frustrating!)

My fingers have swelled up :(
This weekend has been quiet. I haven't really done very much. I took Ellie to the park today though as it was such a beautiful day today. It's been really, really warm and sunny! Blue skies and sunshine, just perfect. The boys had a nice time at there dads and are now sitting at the dinner table doing there homework. Bed time soon!

blue skies

I think I'm gonna have an early night tonight and try and sleep through this horrible stinging/burning pain in my hand.

Sarah xXx 

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  1. Ouch, hope the hand improves soon

  2. Ouch! I hope it's not too sore now! x

  3. Oh no :-/ hope you feel much better now x


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