Summer bucket list 2014.


Last year we did quite well with our summer bucket list. In fact, we always make a bucket list for every season. It's such good fun and gives us something to aim towards. The kids really enjoy it, too. So here is our family summer bucket list for Summer 2014.

Summer bucket list 2014

1) Go on a bug hunt
2) Collect sea shells
3) Picnic somewhere we have never been before!
4) Go for a walk along the seafront and take photos.
5) Go swimming.
6) Bake some cakes, with a summer theme.
7) Start Xmas shopping (This year is going too fast!)
8) Learn 3 new recipes.
9) Go crabbing (such fun, hehe)
10) Take the kids to the cinema
11) Visit a museum
12) BBQ!
13) Read more.
14) Go to a carboot sale.
15) Summer arts and crafts!

What's on your summer bucket list for this summer?

Sarah xXx

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  1. Great list! You have some fab ideas there x

  2. Great List! Hope you guys mark off every single one :)

  3. Sounds like a great list, hope you get to mark them all off :D x

  4. 1) Survive the heat in the desert LOL
    2) Go to the beach as often as possible
    3) Get started on my Christmas projects

    That is about it for me this summer, not as long but summers here we lay low it is the rest of the year that is more packed full of activity.

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    Have a blessed day

  5. Popping over from the rainbow blog hop, love your list reminds me I must type up mine :) better late then never :)


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