The one where I start the 30 day shred.


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Monday evening, I started the 30 day shred, I wanted to start on the 1st of November but I was so ill. I had either flu or a really bad cold as well as tonsillitis (I had it for well over a week) and it was not fun.

So last night I started the 30 days shed and wow, do I ache!!! Although, it feels good and I am really, really proud of myself. I did find it difficult but it's worth it and I know I'll loose some weight doing this workout every night. I'm excited to see results. I will be weighing myself tonight... I'm not looking forward to that but I know I NEED to weigh myself. I won't be weighing myself again until the end of the month.

I've also been eating healthy. No sweets, no chocolate and no fizzy drinks! I'm rather proud of myself. I've also been drinking a lot more water than I usually do. So all is good!

I've also been walking at least 15,000 steps a day, except for Saturday because I really didn't feel well, my chest really hurt (chest infection), I did still do a good amount of steps though.

How's everyone else doing with keeping fit, loosing weight and being healthy?

Sarah xXx

weight loss wednesday

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  1. Thanks for linking up Sarah and good luck!

  2. I'm thinking about starting the 30 day shred, especially now its getting cold and dark and I don't want to go out walking!! Good Luck!!


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