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As many of you already know, I am trying to loose weight! On 2nd November I started Jillian Michaeal's 30 day shred along with an online friend. We are now on level three! I never, ever thought I would get this far, but I have! I'm not sure if I've lost weight because I haven't weighed myself and nor do I intend to until I have finished the 30 day shred. I do know this though, my clothes are fitting me a lot better. My leggins are too big around my knees, they sag!! I've also lost a bit of weight off my back I think. Whoa. So whether I'm loosing weight or inches I do not know (yet) but I'm going to keep going with this because it's working! Once I've finished the 30 day shred, I am going to start it all over again - yup, I'm crazy, haha.
It certainly helps having someone doing this with me, she's encouraging and supportive! I'm not sure if I would have even got this far if she wasn't doing this with me. 

I have alos been eating healthy, too. Allowing myself a treat once a week. I eat a lot of fruit and salads. Chicken, fish and the liking is also low in fat and calories so I eat a lot of that, too! I try not to over do it on the carbs though. Everything is ok in moderation.

I've cut out all fizzy drink and crisps (both my down falls) and I am really proud of myself! I feel a lot better in myself for sticking with healthy eating and working out. I feel physically fitter and stronger already if I'm honest.

Yes, it is hard but it's so much easier than it was when I first started. It's hard when the kids are eating chocolate and nicer food than what I'm eating but then I remind myself that I want to be skinny again. I will get there. 

I'm intrigued to see how much I weigh next week, when I've finished the 30 day shred. I don't feel like sharing my weight -before I started- with the world right now but I was close to fitting into a size 14 but I'm quite short so I guess I was considered over weight.

Sarah xXx

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  1. I'm so proud of you! Ii can't weight to find out how much you've lost. I'm banking on at least 4lb which will be a pound a week which is what they suggest you lose anyway! remember the day before you weigh yourself try to take into ANY conciderations that MIGHT effect your weight, ie if you're due on or if you hate more carbs the day before etc JUST IN CASE it shows you haven't lose as much we reckon. But don't starve yourself the day before either! lol xx

    1. Thank you Laura! I am really proud of you, too. And thank you so much for doing this with me. xx

  2. Sounds like you're doing really well. Losing weight is so much mind over matter, and once you start a regime that's healthy and your used to it it gets easier. good luck! #weekendbloghop

  3. Keep up the good work, you are doing great :) biscuits and cakes are my downfall :( loving the new design, perfect..

    Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop

  4. That's amazing! The shred is really hard, you should be very proud!


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