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Last week, I wrote about how I've started the 30 day shred again and that I need to loose weight. I did the shred I think for three days and then woke up one day and my shoulder was killing me. I literally couldn't list my arm at all and the pain went into my neck, too. I have no idea what I had done as it wasn't hurting when I went to sleep. Perhaps I didn't warm up properly? Anyway, I didn't workout for a couple of days (I did do some walking though and stuck to eating healthy). My shoulder is better now and so I can start the thirty day shred again. I'll be more careful in future.
I am looking forward to getting back into the 30 day shred and plan on working out everyday this week and walking, too! I've decided that Friday's will be treat days.

I can't wait for the weather to get better so that I can start jogging again. It is just far to wet and muddy to be jogging at the moment and like I said last week, I am not confident enough to jog along a road, where people might see me (No one wants to see my flab jogging along a busy road!)

How's your diets and workouts going?

Sarah xXx

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  1. Good luck! I think sharing your intentions publicly is often the best motivation.

  2. What is the thirty day shred? I have never heard of that before is it to tone up or something?

  3. Good luck! I've been doing a lot more walking although I do want to start running again (although I'm not so keen on doing that in the rain either!)

  4. I feel the same. I want to inspire others not to give up! Well done and kee going it sounds like your doing fabulous!

  5. I wonder what could have caused the shoulder pain, well good luck and hope you achieve your goal

  6. Well done - I hope your shoulder pain is better, Good luck this week! I have no particular fitness goals at the moment. Kaz x

  7. That sounds rotten Im glad its feeling better now. Good luck with the rest of the shred and hope you hit your target x

  8. I hope you are managing much better with the shred, one of my friends damaged her knee when she tried it x

  9. Aww sorry to hear about your shoulder. I did the 30 day shred a few years ago, its very tough on your body

  10. Hi Sarah, hope the pain in your arm and neck has gone and your are back shredding again! When I started jogging I hated running on the road for fear of being seen, which of course I was, but now it really doesn't bother me (well, sometimes, just a little) as my well being is more important than what others may think. And to be honest any feedback I have had from people seeing me has been positive.

    Fridays are our junk days too. Eating bad food whilst watching bad telly is how we spend our Friday nights. My favourite day of the week!



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