The one where we make Valentines cupcakes.


Valentines cupcakes

The kids really wanted to make some cupcakes for Valentines day. I already had the ingredients in the cupboard and had already bought a cup case kit from poundland for £1. I also purchased a tube of icing because quite frankly it was cheaper than buying everything I'd need and so much easier than making my own (I know, I cheated but it was just easier)

This is the case kit I bought for £1 from poundland.
Valentines cupcakes

I used the vanilla cake recipe and method that I posted about here

We decorated the cupcakes using vanilla and strawberry  two colour stripes cupcake frosting which I purchased from ASDA.

Ellie also insisted on making her own icing using pink food colouring (which I already had in the cupboard) and water. Along with the sprinkles and other cake decorations that really did need using up! We had great fun making and decorating these cupcakes for Valentines day and it's the absolute perfect activity for the kids to do on Valentines day, hehe.I may have had more fun than them with frosting, haha.

Valentines cupcakes


We also sprayed them with edible silver shimmer spray (left over from Christmas!) which gave them a metallic look.We're really pleased with how they turned out! And just by using (mostly) things that were left over from other baking projects!

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Some of our cupcakes. The kids and I had a blast decorating these!
Have you done any baking or cooking recently? Or what;s your favourite food to cook or bake? Let me know in the comments :)

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  1. ive not seen a frosting in a tube like that before! it looks pretty and your cupcakes looks yummy

  2. Oh these are so lovely! I adore seeing all these cupcakes on blogs, so yummy!

  3. These are lovely and that kit is great for £1! x

  4. I love that frosting tube! Your cakes look lovely #CreativeMonday

  5. Brilliant idea and they look yummy thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  6. I love baking and these look delicious Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky


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