7 Things I Love About Winter.


I know that winter isn't everyone's cup of tea. Personally I love it. I thought I';d share with you some of the things I truly love about winter.

7 thigns I love about winter/
  • The holidays - YES! Christmas is my favourite holiday. It means spending extra time with family and the ones I love. I also enjoy buying presents for people and putting the Christmas tree up of course. The Christmas lights and baubles... Just everything about Christmas I love. Decorating for the holiday season is my all time favourite. I usually have a colour scheme and plan out carefully our Christmas meals and schedule. The kids always help, too! We also watch so many Christmas movies and listen to festive music! I adore watching the kids opening there presents on Christmas morning. Christmas is my favourite thing about winter. 
Christmas decorations
  • The festivities - A bit similar to the first reason I like winter BUT this deserves a mention on it's own. The kids Christmas nativities and carol singing services are so, so lovely. I always look forward to this! Ellie has a Christmas carol service at the local church this Christmas and I am SO excited! Their is always such a lovely atmosphere, too! Ellie has been singing her heart out and practicing the carols.
  • The fashion - The knitwear and big cosy sweaters and cardigans is the absolute best kind of fashion for me! Being winter and cold, it also means big fluffy socks and boots! I always feel so cosy with my big fluffy hood on my coat, a nice warm sweater underneath with jeans and boots! And not to mention cosy P.Js, hehe. And of course the Christmas themed jumpers and outfits. YAS! 
  • The scenery - I personally think winter is a beautiful time of year. With all the frost on the ground and possibly even snow! I hope we get some snow this year. The way the light hits the ground on a sunny morning making everything sparkle! Everything always looks so sparkly and pretty. I must admit, I'm not a fan of ice - I usually end up slipping over. 
  • The food - Warm home made food! Yum! The kids enjoy it too. I make home made food all year around but there's something about winter food that's comforting, don't you think? One of the kids favourites is the cheese and potato pie I make. We usually have it with sausages and beans. I also like to make stews and casseroles. You can not beat a hot, homemade beef stew on a frosty day. Not to mention the Christmas food... The kids would certainly say they love all the sweet goodies and warm deserts! We always bake some winter inspired goodies. Last year we made some snow flake cakes.
Christmas snowflake easy bake cakes
  • Hot chocolate - We LOVE our hot chocolates. Especially after the school run. There's something really comforting about coming home to a hot chocolate drink, the kids always enjoy theres. I usually add on squirty cream and some kind of sprinkles or chocolate on the top! The kids like to drink there's with a straw. Mmm. Sometimes I'll pick up a hot chocolate whilst I'm out walking - It warms me up and keeps my hands warm, hehe. 
The best hot chocolate in winter
  • The Cosy Evenings - You know when it's so cold outside and we're inside all nice and warm and tucked up under cosy blankets and wearing comfy, warm clothes and SLIPPERS? Perhaps evening light a candle or two... That feeling is the absolute best! We usually watch a movie or play board games. I might also read a fair bit during winter. We also enjoy some winter themed arts and crafts, too!  
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Winter arts and crafts
What are your favourite things about winter? Or what's your favourite season? Let me know in the comments :)

Sarah xXx

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  1. It is a wonderful time of year....I just hate the cold. Everything else is fantastic :D x

  2. I agree with everything you like about winter! Christmas is my favourite time of year too. I wish it wasn't so cold but I'll forgive that if we get some magical snow!

  3. I'm not a fan of Winter, but I do love everything to do with Christmas so it's not all bad.

  4. And what's not to love about hot chocolate?! And the cosiness. I love all the seasons and you can have hot choc all year round, right? #sharewithme

  5. I reeeeallt don't like winter but I love all these things about it and they all make it so much more bearable. I eat like a bear going into hibernation though. Must stop that :)

  6. Autumn is my fave season; there is something about the preparing for the end of the year. I always like to do an autumn sort out - but of a Spring clean type thing. i do like winter too, especially for hot chocolates like you! x

  7. A fab list. I love the fashion too. I love all the winter colours in fashion. I also love the food. I seem to eat a lot of cheese and pate during winter lol x

  8. Hi Sarah, I agree with all of the things you love about Winter too. We love baking wearing our Christmas jumpers with our cosy slippers on drinking hot chocolate :)

  9. We enjoy this time but it can get a bit crazy! I love those Christmas jumpers. At the moment I'm looking at Christmas menus deciding what to cook, and what cookies to bake Santa!

  10. I don't like the cold but I do like aspects of winter. It has the best TV, great fashion and hello Gingerbread lattes yum!

  11. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of the weather this time of year, but I do love the sparkle and Christmas lights. They really cheer me up

  12. I really love Winter, it is my favourite season. Love Christmas and yummy foods and wrapping up warm etc xx

  13. Great post! A lot of people don't like winter but it's always good to see someone else who enjoys some of the things that comes with winter like the hot chocolate and festivities!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  14. Have you tried Costa's hot chocolate orange???? I'm additcted - so nice to hear of another hot choc fan lol . Thanks for linking to #sharewithme


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