Feeling festive.


On Friday, we put up our Christmas tree! We are all very excited for Christmas this year and putting up the Christmas tree as a family always makes us feel festive. We decorated the tree in red, rose gold and gold this year. I snapped a few pics over the weekend. I need to snap a few photos of t he boys standing by the Christmas tree but with them being teenagers, it has to be on there terms... Of course, haha. So far the cats have not tried to climb the tree although they're fascinated with the baubles.

rose gold, red and gold Christmas tree. Feeling festive
Christmas jumper and the Christmas tree

cats and christmas trees

I feel like I need add some more baubles and what not to our tree, which I may do today!
Have you put your Christmas tree up yet?

Sarah xXx
Living Arrows

A Cornish Mum

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  1. Your tree looks lovely, so pretty and it's great that you stuck to a colour theme, mine is such a mis match x

  2. Your tree looks great and your pictures are lovely too.xx #livingarrows

  3. Your tree is such a gorgeous colour scheme! I love the white & gold bauble on the bottom photo! xo

  4. Your tree looks great! I love Christmas decor!

  5. You tree looks great!! We put up our tree over the weekend too!

  6. Beautiful pics, love the tree! Your cat is gorgeous, too.

  7. I actually out our tree up the last weekend of November, a whole week earlier than usual. And I am so glad I did as now I am really in the mood for Christmas

  8. Your tree looks absolutely beautiful - as does your daughter! It's such a great moment at this time of the year when the tree goes up isn't it?! x

  9. We're in the process of putting ours up at the moment, I'm really looking forward to it being up and all lit up! Yours looks lovely! x #LivingArrows

  10. Oooo I love getting all Christmassy!! Your tree looks so cool! I want to put more baubles on mines too now!!!! Love your photos!

  11. Lovely photos, your tree is decorated so beautifully! xo


  12. Your tree is absolutely beautiful <3 Stacey breaks up from school on Friday so I'm hoping we can get ours up and decorated over the weekend :)

    Louise x

  13. Ooh your tree looks lpe.ovely, it's a really nice shape. #livingarrows

  14. Your tree looks beautiful. I'm trying to resist the urge to take ours down at the moment ha, I've had enough of the mess of Christmas now ... I sound so old ;)

    Stevie x


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