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Oh my! I don't think I have ever been so busy in my life. There honestly aren't enough hours in the day. I knew that the build up to Christmas would be busy as it always is but this year? This year is a whole new level of stress and being busy. I'm busier than usual. This is the first time in a couple of days that I've had a chance to sot down and write a blog post (I should probably be doing housework instead. I just need a while to sit down haha). I always find that reflecting on the best and worst bits helps me realise that there positives (usually) out weigh the negatives and I really NEED that this week. Here are this weeks best & worst moments.

The best and worst this week and things to look forward to mumx3x
  • The build up to Christmas is busy and stressful and very tiring. But. It's really worth it. We are SO looking forward to Christmas. I'm just finding it hard to get into the Christmas Spirit. I was feeling Christmasy when we put our Christmas tree up but now? Not so much. I'm sure I'll feel it when things calm down and the kids break up from school next week.
  • I feel like I need an extra three pairs of hands along with being able to split myself in half and be in two places at once, hahah.
  • I haven't been sleeping very well because I've had so much on my mind. 
  • I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping, I'll be doing some Christmas shopping again next week. Hopefully. 
  • Really praying that the post office/postal service don't strike. I still have gifts waiting to arrive! Eek! (I don't know much about the strike to be honest, I haven't had time to read/watch the news properly). 
  • I keep getting this really cold shivery feeling and I can't seem to shake it off! I am really hoping I'm not coming down with something. I'm sure it's just because it IS actually cold, haha. Does anyone else ever get that shivery feeling? It like runs right down my back, it's so odd! 
  • I haven't had much time to do anything around the house but the bare basics. Which means I have a lot of deep cleaning and blitzing to do today! I'll be fine once I've started it but right now I am procrastinating. 

  • I went to my nieces nativity play yesterday, it was SO cute! She was an angel and it was actually a tradition nativity, too! Unfortunately Ellie's class didn't participate in a Christmas play this year BUT! (see the next bullet point!)... 
  • Ellie has a Christmas carol service at the church next Wednesday afternoon. I love how her school have a traditional church service/carol service. It's so lovely! I am really looking forward to hearing her sing in church. 
  • We put our Christmas tree up! Yay! I decided on a red, rose gold and rose theme. It needs a little more tinsel though.  
red and gold Xmas tree
  • The boys have had charity week at school, which they've really enjoyed! Lots of activities and yummy food. They've really enjoyed this past week, which makes me happy! They didn't want to wear there Christmas jumpers (WHY!?!!) so they're going to take part in dressing up (or non uniform) day tomorrow. Yay! 
  • Speaking of tomorrow. It's Ellie's Christmas dinner and Christmas jumper day tomorrow, which she is excited about! 
  • We've all been working really hard on a fairy tale box for the Christmas fayre. It's a competition. We decided on a Hansel & Gretel theme. It's something really fun, creative and just lovely to do as a family. We need to finish it after school & hand it in tomorrow.
  • We are also taking part in the 'Bake Off' for the Christmas fayre, too! Christmas themed cupcakes! We are looking forward to making those this evening ready to be handed in tomorrow. (SO MUCH TO DO!) 
  • Oh yes! Santa came around on his sleigh (Just like last year!) Santa and his Elves were helping collect for charity. The kids love seeing Santa. It was great fun, hehe. 
  • I finally found us an Elf! I kept meaning to order one from eBay or wherever but I honestly just forgot and because I haven't had time top spend on social media, I totally forgot to order one. I found an Elf in the card factory. We've named him Elfis and he's been getting up to all kinds of a mischief! Ellie ADORES him! She's been wondering if an Elf would visit us. She truly believes in the Christmas magic and it's so, so lovely. I tried to convince Charlie but he's eleven now, still though, he thinks our Elf is funny and rushes down in the mornings to see what our ''elf'' has done during the night, haha. Harry (teenager!!) just thinks (in his words) "You're actually bonkers". Still though, he goes along with the magical elf who goes back to the North Pole every night to report to Santa, for Ellie's sake.  

  • A photo posted by Sara ♡ (@sassyserz) on

  • I went Christmas shopping this past Tuesday. Still have so much to buy though. 
Things to look forward to:
  • The Christmas Fayre on Saturday! I'm sure that will help me feel festive, hehe. 
  • Looking after my baby nephew Noah one day next week while my brother and SIL go Christmas shopping!Baby cuddles are the best.
  • Ellie's Christmas church service. Aww. 
  • The kids breaking up from school! 
  • What I am mostly looking forward to though, is having all my Christmas shopping DONE and the stress to be over, haha. 
Christmas cat
Wow, the positives really do out weigh the negatives this week! And there's a lot to look forward to! Ahh, I feel a bit better now I've reflected on the positives.
What are your best and worst moments this week?

Sarah xXx
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  1. It's manic isn't it? I only have a toddler and a baby (who won't be getting much) and I still was thinking about stuff in bed last night too. I bet the shows you have to watch will be so lovely and so much festive stuff to pack in. Enjoy it all and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  2. I still havent finished my christmas shopping. I definitely need to start it soon x

  3. Me too on waiting for lots of items still to be delivered and I have a fair bit left to buy too!

  4. Looks like you have had the most energetic week with so much to do. I hope you do get time to have a few minutes to take a break and relax to recharge your batteries.

  5. LOts of positives there for this week! I hope you enjoy the christmas fayre! :) x

  6. I still need to do some Christmas shopping and I didn't buy a Christmas tree yet

  7. Feeling Christmas in the air #Bestandworst

  8. December is such a crazy month, isn't it? Lots of positives though and lots of exciting things coming up! I hope that you enjoy Ellie's Christmas service :-) #TheLust

  9. Lots of lovely positives! Christmas can be so stressful and I am adding to it a pregnancy due date next week!!! I too have having sleepless nights about how much there is to do. #picknmix

  10. So much to do in the next week, It'll be so nice to relax over the holidays! xo

  11. It is a busy and crazy time! It's a great idea to look at the positives as well as negatives! Hope things get a little less stressful soon :)

  12. I'm so pleased to see that the positives outweigh the negatives for you this week! The run up to christmas can get so out of hand, it'll be nice to relax on the day itself (hopefully!!) x

  13. The good definitely outweighs the bad! I love your tree! I'm feeling all over the place lately too. (Yes, I know that shivery feeling!) Crossing my fingers that your packages find their way to you & that you have an amazing Christmas! ‪#PicknMix

  14. Your tree looks lovely! Christmas is super stressful but I hope you're coping okay and that you enjoy Ellie's carol service! :)

  15. I can totally sympathise on the running out of time feeling, I honestly don't know what I'd do without Amazon prime. Thankfully got the last of the kids things the day before my eldest broke up from school and frantically got everything wrapped and hidden at the in laws on Friday so he can't go snooping this week! I still don't have a clue what I'm going to get my mother in law though and it's my mums birthday on the 28th and still have nothing for her either. Despite my best intentions I always leave everything till the last minute then end up in a flap. It's all worth it on the day though. Have a great Christmas x

  16. I totally agree with you that it's a stressful time of year but it is worth it. All the things I need to do are playing on my mind, but I'll get there. Sounds like you've had a good week too

  17. I like your elf! So much sweeter looking than the creepy looking ones I saw on my timeline all Christmas ;) Such a fun idea as well and I've laughed at loads of the elf antics on Instagram etc over Christmas :)

    Stevie x


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