Summer Bucket List 2012


Summer bucket list.
So, I have seen a few people do this and thought I would follow.. Here is a list of things I would like to achieve by the end of the Summer.. Actually lets say the end of September. Here is my bucket list of things to achieve by September 30th 2012.

1) Go on a picnic at the beach at least once (Since I live right by the seaside this shouldn't be too hard as long as the good ol'e British rain holds off for long enough to actually have a picnic lol)
2) Play in the ocean with the kids.
3) Go for a really long walk along the sea front
4) Take the kids crabbing
5) Take the kids swimming at least once
6) Go to two different parks. (either that we haven't been before or don't go very often)
7) Go to castle park for the day
8) Buy myself some new summer clothes!!
9) Get the kids there new school uniform (Three to buy for this year!)
10) Go on a really long walk.
11) Go to Liverpool!
12) Take lots and lots of photos!
13) Buy some chalk and have the kids write and draw things on the drive way.
14) Watch at least 10 movies. Will write a movie list sometime soon.
15) Read at least 5 books.
16) Go for a walk in the rain.
17) Go for a really long walk.
18) Get a tan! (Please let us have some decent hot weather!)
19) Take the kids to an indoor play area.
20) Feed the ducks.
21) Visit my nan & Granddad.
22) Have a BBQ in my garden
23) Have my garden at least semi presentable.
24) Start Xmas shopping
25) Collect sea shells
26) Make my own E-book case.
27) Have the kids make/paint some summer paintings/art/crafts.
28) Have a picnic in the park.
29) Make a time capsule.
30) Blog for ONE whole week, every single day.
31) Buy a table chairs for the garden
32) Get my middle part of my ear pierced.

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