A child free weekend....


So I have a child free weekend and so far I have - had a few glasses of wine last night. Got up this morning (at 6am! My body no longer knows how to sleep past 6am lol), felt like utter rubbish (darn hangover!) but I didn't let that stop me... Off I went to a carboot sale, I got LOST season 1-4 on DVD for a tenner in total! Not bad, not bad at all! It was lovely walking around without having to keep stopping 97468 times and no interruptions, no whinging that legs are aching or wanting just about everything in site from the children. But my goodness, I felt lost without them with me by my side! I miss them SO much. 

 After the car boot, I popped into Morrisons and picked up some bits and bobs that we needed... oh and the items to have a curry a for dinner (Ha! I won't even have to share it with the kids! I won't have to rush my meal or be interrupted while eating.. I'm not sure if I know how to eat slowly any more LOL. Am I the only mummy that eats as quick as possible because there's 39057 other things to be doing & of course, eating before the kids pinch whatever off my plate, lol)

I came home, had a two hour nap (which was lush btw!) and now here I am. I tell you what though, I am BORED. It's so boring without the kids here. I am so enjoying the peace and quiet. I am so staying up late so that I sleep in tomorrow! 
The kiddos will be back tomorrow after lunch. I can't wait to see them :) 

Sarah xXx

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