Improving my home (Progress pics)


So I briefly wrote about how I have recently re vamped my front room, but like I said it was very brief so I thought I would write a proper post about how I did all of this on a budget. 

Please bare in mind I have been saving for months upon months. Doing the front room, bit by bit. I felt like I was getting nowhere fast but now it is *almost* complete... Here are some progress pics. 

My front room in 2012: 
My front room in summer 2012: 
I seriously hated those curtains! So much! And the wallpaper was old and faded (from the previous tenants). The walls were a kind of off pink colour, like a pinky blush kind of colour, hard to explain! I think it was possibly the previous tenants had mixed themselves. 
The carpet was new when I moved in December 2011. It was not a hard wearing carpet though.
In April I finally wallpapered, white glossed the skirting boards & painted the walls pale grey:
I decided on a white, grey & black theme.

I evetuanlly saved up enough money for laminated wooden flooring, curtains and second hand sofas (that are like brand new!) 
It took a while to lay the flooring but it was all done in a day! 
Yay! I've also seen the rug I like which is £20 on sale, hoping to get that this week! I've also got a coffee table but it won't be here for another week. (On sale in ARGOS!) Woohoo. 
Lovely curtains and light shade! 

Now I just need to save for the throw overs, cushions and what not. I finally have a nice front room I can sit and relax in! It did take me a long time to save up and it isn't 100% finished. It was SO worth the wait! All in all, including second hand sofas, laminate wooden flooring, wallpaper, paint, gloss, curtains etc..

I have pictures to hang up but need to find the picture hooks... must remember to find those tomorrow!

Sarah xXx 

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  1. It looks fantastic!! I love seeing photos of people's houses too.. I'm so nosey ;)

  2. It looks so amazing! Got here through #MBPW .


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