Camping in the back garden!


Sorry, I've been MIA for a few days. See, we're visiting family up north and i've not had much chance to write a post, so much has been going on and we're having a lovely time catching up with everyone, it's really lovely to see everyone!

The train journey up here was a nightmare. I didn't realise when I booked the train tickets, that Saturday was a) the first day of the premier league (most London teams played and other teams, which meant just about every footy fan was using the tube!) and b) It was the V festival, our train into central London happened to be one of the main trains everyone and there dog (I am not kidding!) was on, too. CHAOS! Especially the tube/underground in CENTRAL LONDON! Eek. Next time I will be checking all this out BEFORE I book the train tickets (in advance). Still, though we're here now and it's great! 

The kids all slept in the tent in the back garden last night, they had a wonderful time lol. Five kids in one big tent! They thought it was great. Although Charlie and one of the other kiddies didn't go to sleep until well after midnight and Ellie made waaaayyy too much noise because she was *so* excited but that's ok, as long as they all had fun! They're camping in the tent again this weekend I think (plus an extra two kiddies). We must be crazy haha, but it's all about the kids having fun and it's a nice experience for them. Perhaps next year we can go proper camping! 
I am incredibly tired today, LOL. I'll sleep well tonight and I think (and hope) the kids will, too. I am so glad they're all having fun, it makes me happy and it is really nice to have a break away and change of scenery. I'm very lucky to have family I can stay with. 

I'm not really sure what else we have planned yet, we're kind of spur of the moment kind and just go for whatever on the day, lol! 

I hope you're all having a good week so far :-) 

Sarah xXx 

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