Reasons to be cheerful (week 35)


I am so, so behind on all things blog related. This is because my laptop charger has broken, I've managed to borrow one until tomorrow so I thought I'd pop on quick and post my reasons to be cheerful this week!

1) We are home from up north now. We had such a lovely time. We went to Southport on Tuesday, we had a great time! The kids loved the carousel/merry go 'round, they went on a few rides on the fair but Harry has a phobia of rides (no idea why! He wouldn't even come on the merry go round with me) so he did the penalty shoot out & catch a duck instead. We had a nice chippy tea after going on the beach for a bit and then ended our day in the memorabilia shop for some sticks of rock etc. 
It's nice to be back home & sleep in my own bed but goodness I do miss everyone! 
2) The kids go back to school next week! Which is bittersweet. I will miss them SO much but at the same time we all need our routine back now, lol. The kids seem to be looking forward to starting in new years, with new teachers and seeing all of there friends, yay! I just need to purchase there school jumpers and H a new PE kit (He's grown out of the one he currently has, thankfully Charlie's and Ellie's still fit them) from the school office on the day they return to school. 
3) We got a new fur baby. He's a  tabby kitten, aged 8 weeks old from a local animal rescue centre. He's so small and sweet. We've called him, 'Lenni' Although, our other cat, Lotti (She's about 15 months oldish) doesn't seem to like him. She growls and hisses. I've separated them for the time being, Lenni in one room and Lotti has the run of the house, I'll introduce them slowly and see what happens. :) 

(Lenni 8 weeks old)
I hope you all have a lovely weekend! :) 

Sarah xXx 

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