TV: could you live without it?


This weeks 'The Prompt' is - TV: could you live without it?
Yes. I think I probably could. To be honest, I go through phases with T.V. I do like to watch Eastenders and Corronation street. The rest of my shows I watch online, netflix or youtube. However, I do think I could live without watching T.V. Although, I would probably miss watching all the old episodes of home and away on youtube.  You know, the really early episodes with Bobby, Sophie, Pippa etc in?!

I would probably get more blogging done and more reading, too! Maybe I should challenge myself to give up watching T.V for a couple of weeks and see how much I achieve!!

The kids don't really watch THAT much T.V any more. They use to when they were smaller but now they'd rather be doing other things, like playing football, making loom bands and being creative! Which I am rather pleased about.

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