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We spotted a peacock when we were on our way home from our grandparents house. It was just sitting there, perched on the wall, enjoying the sunshine. Isn't he pretty? It was rather lovely to see a peacock, I haven't seen one for years!!

swan @ Ups and downs, smiles and frowns

We also saw some swans, who were rather greedy and wanted to steal Ellie's Ice cream, lol! Ellie isn't a fan of swans after that experience! Bless her. It's such a beautiful swan though.

 And I of course HAVE to share photos of out beautiful tortoiseshell cat 'Lotti' She is my baby!


Not gonna lie, she has a bit of an attitude aka 'Tortitude', she's a right little devil sometimes and it's only ok to fuss her on HER terms, bless. She sleeps on my pillow every night with her paws draped over my head, no idea why she sleeps like that - she just does!! She's such a unique cat. 
We love her and she truly is part of the family. 

toirtoiseshell cat

The little's also got to the chance to ride on a donkey at the summer fete last weekend! They thought it was great fun!! To be honest, I kind of wanted to ride on the donkey myself but I didn't wanna make a spectacle of myself, I would probably have fell off knowing my clumsy luck.

Sarah xXx

Super Busy Mum


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  1. Aw wow you do see some lovely animals on your travels!! I adore peacocks they're so beautiful - how lucky are you seeing them wandering around!!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  2. Lottie looks like a real character, you can see it in her face. Peacocks are great, apart from ours calling out in the night!

  3. Those are some beautiful animals. Love the peacock x

  4. Aww so many animals! All cute but some are not cuddly (I am talking about you Swan =P) #TheGallery

  5. Lots of lovely animals :) Peacocks are stunning aren't they?! #thegallery


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