What makes me smile this week? #R2BC


My reasons to be cheerful this week...

1) It's almost the summer holidays and I can not wait! Neither can the little's. It'll be a very welcome break from school runs, uniforms and just the general school routine. The kids are really looking forward to beach days, picnics and just chilling out at home. It will be nice to spend some extra time with them, too! I need to finish planning our days and what not. Hopefully we'll achieve some of the goals on our summer bucket list.

2) I'm looking forward to this weekend. It's also Ellie's school fete, although the boys will be at there dads (they're going to a BBQ and going fishing, so they'll have fun) it won't be the same without them but it's some much needed mummy and daughter time. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice.

3) I am feeling so much better than I was this time last week. I'm still not 100% but the sore throat has gone and the cold isn't as bad as it was! Summer colds are the absolute worst, so glad it's going now.

ups and downs

The little's ALL got really good school reports and I am so, so incredibly proud of them all. Harry is doing brilliant in all subjects but he could do with practicing his handwriting a bit more. Charlie needs to practice his times tables up to 12x tables and Ellie needs to continue adding and subtracting etc. We'll work on all those things over the summer! They have seriously done really, really well at school this year. Did I mention how proud of them I am?!

So those are my reasons to be cheerful this week, what are your reasons? Why not join in with Lakes single mum blog hop and share your reasons to smile this week :)

Sarah xXx

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  1. So looking forward to the break from all the school stuff monotony too. Summer bucket list - fab idea which I will immediately pinch. Glad you are feeling better and fetes are always good fun. Be proud of you as well as the children - mum has a big impact on how they get on at school. Have yourself a lovely week

  2. oh well done on the reports! I agree school hols are definitely something to look forward too. Thanks for joining in

  3. Enjoy your summer. It's always nice to relax.

  4. Summer is the best, definitely a reason to be happy!

  5. Love your bucket list! Looks like you guys will have an lovely summer holiday together. Well done to you and kids for great results. Here's to another great week.

  6. What a lovely happy post. So much going on at this time of year. Let's hope the weather stays fine for the holidays.

  7. Love your reasons to be cheerful theme! I have just created a new linky that is slightly similar, My 3 Things where I try to look at whats gone wrong, what to try to improve next week and whats gone well!

  8. I hope your Summer Holidays are filled with lots of fun!

    Lovely reasons to be cheerful!

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

  9. Fabulous reasons to be cheerful; glad you're feeling better!
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!


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