Petshopbowl cat food & cat toy review.


pet shop bowl review

 My cat 'Lotti' is super, super fussy with her food. She has always been this way. We've had Lotti since she was a tiny, baby kitten, she's now just over two years old.  I've never known a cat to be as fussy as she is, I thought there ws perhaps something wrong with her tummy - there isn't, she is just really fussy. So when, asked me if Lotti would like to review some of there cat food, I of course jumped at the chance. I am also trying my cat on new food - one that she actually likes! 

Petshopbowl sent us some Canagan Scottish Salmon Dry Cat Food for Lotti to try. The Salmon and  dry cat food is a grain free, natural food, made with fresh meat and vegetables, it's all natural food with no artificial colours etc, which makes it nice and healthy for our cat. Because it's grain free, it helps control intolerance and allergies. Its made of high quality fish which makes it easy for a cat to digest. It smells fishy, which really appealed to Lotti and she really seemed to enjoy it.
Priced at £14.99 for 1.5kg, I would say that's worth the money because it's healthy and it lasts quite a while.

petshopbowl review @ ups and downs, smiles and frowns

Lotti really, really enjoyed the Almo Nature Classic Cat Pouches. We were sent the chicken fillet ones. She really, really loves chicken and if I can't get her to eat anything else (because she's so fussy), she will always eat chicken! It really doesn't smell bad at all. It looks like shredded chicken in a little water. I have never seen Lotti eat so well! She seriously wolfed it down. I think we may have found  new food she actually likes (rare!).
The Almo nature cat pouches are made of 100% human grade ingredients and it really does show. It's also naturally rick in proteins and nutrients. There is no additives, preservatives or chemicals added, which makes this food very healthy for a cat indeed. Each pouch is 55g (just the right amount for Lotti) and they are very easy to open and push the food out. A couple of these a day, along with dried food is the perfect amount for Lotti.
I must just say, I actually prefer pouches, they are soooo much more easier to open and dispose of.

''Ingredients - chicken fillet min. 50%, cooking water, rice 3%.''

 Lotti also really enjoyed the dreamies. She is a big fan of dreamies, she really loved these! They're a perfect treat for her (and the stray cat that I feed). There's only two calories per treat, too.

Lotti was also sent a jolly moggy laser cat toy. Lotti isn't a big fan of toys, she never has really bothered about her cat toys, but she did rather like this one.  This laser toys beams a light on the floor (or wall) for cats to play with. Lotti liked following it and found it rather fascinating to chase and stalk, she seemed to have a lot of fun, hehe. It has an easy on and off switch, is easy to use and the batteries can be replaced when needed. Priced at just £3.49, I would say it's well worth it.

Petshopbowl also sell a selection of pet food, toys and other pet accessories, for dogs, cats and other pets all very reasonably priced. 
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Sarah xXx

I was sent these products/samples for the purpose of this review. I was not paid to write this review. All opinions are my own, personal, honest opinions.  
*Please note: Lotti is only a small cat and therefore doesn't eat a lot a time. I always make sure there's food and down for her 24 hours a day. *
(The mat and bowl already belonged to us!)
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  1. Sounds like everything was a hit with Lotti! Thanks for sharing with #TriedTested

  2. Great review! I spend a fortune on our pets and this site has some great bargains!

  3. I think our cats would love the smoked salmon flavour dried food


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