13k in one day.


Firstly, let me start with last weeks weight loss. I lost about 1.6lbs I think it was. Something like that anyway, I forgot to write it down! Grr. I DID expect more but I'm pleased it was a loss! This weight seems to be coming off ever so slowly. I see other blog posts and Facebook posts from people saying "I've lost 5lbs this week" and I am SO pleased for everyone, I just wish mine would come off like that. I know the tablets I HAVE to take play a part in it being a slow process so I should be proud of myself. And I AM proud of myself, I'm just inpatient lol!

Fit bug Orb, 13 miles in one day
Does not include 30 day shred.

Today I walked a total of THIRTEEN miles! Wow. Just wow. Not gonna lie, when I synced my fitbug orb with my phone, I didn't expect to see that much but I am of course very pleased! I didn't walk it right in one go, just schools runs, walking to town and what not... It all add up! Add that to yesterdays walking distance of 7 miles = 20 miles in two days. Not bad. Not bad at all. I also power walked some of that. Plus level 3 of the 30 day shred. Yes, I am rather pleased with myself! I didn't do the last abs workout tonight as my son came down upset because he has a sore throat, so I stopped to comfort him and give him some calpol. He seems ok now... He's asleep. Might need a trip to the Drs tomorrow, we'll see.

I am doing quite well with my eating, I could probably do a lot better but I'll get there in the end! I do think I've probably burnt off more calories than I have eaten today, which is of course good.Still enjoying the green tea and almonds and pine nuts for a snack. I've cut down on the smoothies, especially the fruit ones because of the sugar, I know it's ok in moderation but I do actually enjoy them more when I only have a smoothie every couple of days and I add greens in when I can. I've been having porridge with banana for breakfast and I loveeeee it. I don't think I could ever actually get bored of that haha, is that weird?

Anyway, I'm rambling on now, I am super tired! I really do need to have an early night. I have a busy week this week - lots of walking and blitzing my house.


Times for bed!

Let me know how your weight loss/fitness journey is going, I'd love to hear about it :) 

Sarah xXx

Sim's Life

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  1. Wow!! That is A LOT of miles! Very well done to u! Well done on the weight loss too! Keep it up, ur doing great!! :)

  2. Well done on your loss. 1.6lbs is fantastic for a week and 5lbs a week isn't healthy of maintainable imo,

    focus on you not what everyone else is doing. i know it's frustrating at time but you're clearly doing something right to get a loss.

    I'm in awe at your step count! I'm lucky if I hit 8k !!

  3. Well done chick! Like you say... it does all add up! Have to admit syncing up always surprises me, it's great to see how many steps you take doing different things! Remember - the people who have 5lb losses... will most likely have more weight to lose than you, will possibly be on their first week of a major diet or will be starving themselves... you are losing weight in a sensible manner and will find it stays off!

    Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday - hope to see you again this week!

    Sim x


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