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This week I lost 2.2lbs, which means I have 4lbs to do until I reach my first goal!
I think I mentioned last week how my size 10 tops are starting to fit again, which is great! Yes, I can see my flabby bits because a size 10 "hugs" me but at least I can get it on and over my boobs! I'm rather quite chuffed with that! I have been wearing size 12 jumpers which are actually a little baggy on me instead of being too tight and looking awful! I don't think it will be too long before size 10 tops fit me better! The same with my size 10 jeans. I tried on my size 10 river island jeans the other day thinking "There's no way they're going to over my thighs" (They are my absolute favourite jeans) I was very surprised that they DO go over my thighs and I can even do the button up! This hasn't happened for around two years (give or take) so that in itself is quite an achievement. However, I don't feel comfortable or confident in them because they are tight, I'm just pleased I can actually get them over my thighs and the button and zip done up without having to squeeze and pull! If that's no motivation, then I don't know what it is!

I walked around 35 miles in total last week (thanks to my fitbug orb for tracking it). Not bad. Not bad at all! I did ache and only did level 1 of the thirty day shred a couple of times, I was also very tired. I don't want to over do it though. I have children to look after, a household to keep going and a routine to stick to, I can't afford to be ill! I find listening to my body easier now, I know when enough is enough, hence why doing an easier level of the 30 day shred. Does that make sense? 

I have lost a total of eighteen pounds (and a few ounces) so far. All is good.

I've fell off the healthy eating bandwagon this weekend though and I need to get back on it! I haven't done BAD but I haven't done good either. I can do better - I HAVE done better so I know I can do it! It's nice to "indulge" every now and again but it's becoming a habit again. A habit that needs to stop I find myself picking while I'm cooking the kids (yummy) dinners or making packed lunches and that is not a good habit to have. Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who does this!

My anxiety has been in full swing the last few days. I hate it SO much! It's so, so hard to control. I find myself worrying about silly things and then I get anxious and guess what I turn to? Food. Nothing overly bad but even so, rather than eating 2 packets of snackajacks and a special K cereal bar right off in one go, I should moderate it more! Ugh. I feel like I've failed a bit there but again, I could have turned to chocolate or proper crisps. At least I went for the healthier option, even if I did have more than I was suppose to have *sigh*

Let me know how your weight loss journey is going! I do love reading about everyone elses journeys! :)

Sarah xXx

The Musing Housewife


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  1. I hear you with the packed lunch pickings! Every evening I tell myself to stop already!!! Thankfully I'm quite a health nazi with my kids' lunches so the stuff I'm picking at is often blueberries, yoghurt (licking the spoon I used to transfer from the big pot to a small) and tomatoes...but sometime sit's a chunk of cheese - whoops!! I lost a stone and half a few years back, but you're right you do need to treat yourself sometimes - and look at how far you've come too!

  2. Well done on another fantastic weight loss - see... every little helps! I am so envious that you mentioned River Island jeans... I haven't been able to walk into a shop for years... I gave up on shopping in there a long time ago! Hope you have managed to get back on track, always nice to have a break from it but getting back on it can be a bugger - hope you are having a good week and see you for #WeightLossWednesday! Sim x

  3. Hi, I've just joined Blogging to Jogging and I'm never going to be a size 10 again, but 14 would be nice. Currently size 18. The Shane!

  4. Well done, you're doing so well! And you should be pleased with yourself for going for the healthier snack too, things like that make a huge difference. Thanks for linking with #BloggingToJogging xx

  5. Well done on the loss. You've been doing really well x

  6. Well done on your loss so far. I too have 3 kids to look after, I want to increase my exercise to the next level but as you say you have to be wary of overdoing it or the family routine may suffer xx


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