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Yesterday I deceided I would walk the long way to Iceland and Morrisons. Mainly because I'm trying to keep my steps up as I am trying to loose some weight! Anyway, the weather was mild, the kids were at school so I took a stroll a long the seafront. It's so peaceful and such a pleasant walk! I've forgot how much I enjoy walking a long the seafront.

The gardens a long the 'front are so beautiful! It all looks so green and so spring like! I should really take myself for a walk along the seafront more often to be honest. There's something about walking a long the seafront and through the gardens that's therapeutic, you know?

Spring is just around the corner, I can not wait for the Easter holidays so I can take the kids to the beach and enjoy some lovely spring weather :)

Sarah xXx

How Does Your Garden Grow

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  1. what a beautiful place to keep the steps up! ;)

  2. It's so nice to see colour out now isn't it?
    Thanks for joining in lovely x

  3. Lovely Spring colours! I normally walk the slightly longer way to work as it's more scenic :)

  4. We're very land-locked here in the Midlands and a flower-filled walk close to the sea sounds perfect!

  5. Lucky you living by the sea, and with beautiful flowers to look at too. Roll on Spring! x

  6. Such lovely flower arrangements. Spring is definitely a good time for walks: not too hot, not too cold. Glad you had such lovely views to behold on your walk; I agree, very therapeutic it must have been.

  7. such a beautiful view for your walks!

  8. I always love seaside flower displays and they seem to do so well in the milder coastal air.

  9. I really like coastal displays, looks a pretty place where you live.

  10. I love it when sea fronts have lots of colour, these are gorgeous


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