Owl mini home ware haul (gifts).


Recently I have obtained quite few owl home ware bits and bobs from random places. A few of these bits were home warming gifts, as I moved house in April. Everyone knows I love owls and any other woodland creatures but owls seem to be quite popular and I really do love them!

OWl lamp
 First of all my mum gave me these owl lamps, they're ceramic and cream in colour, in the shape of an owl. I love that light shows through the little holes in the owls wing, it looks ever so pretty at night time. dunelm.com sell these on there website but I'm sure if that's where my mum purchased these lamps from.

Next up s my owl vase, which was a home warming gift from my sister. Again it made of china and in the shape of an owl, it's white in colour and looks lovely on my kitchen window sill. I really love this! I believe she purchased this owl vase from B & M. I could be wrong though!
(It doesn't come with the flowers, those were separate).

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The little owl standing next to the case was also a gift, I believe from B&M also but I might be wrong! IT's made of wood and stands lovely on my kitchen windowsill. Aww. 

 I bought these owl candles from The Range a few months ago! They were £2.99 each. They're lovely candles but I only use them for decoration. I think they're a lovely finishing touch. They look very cute on my T.V unit, hehe. 

This owl plaque, which has a ribbon so it can be hung on a hook, was a home warming gift, I don't know where it was bought from but I just love it! Isn't it adorable?! 


Ceramicand in the shape of an owl, when its dark, the light reflects through the wings and looks ever so pretty! dunelm.com sell something very similar (if not the same).
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I really love these picture frames, they are so, so cute! I don't know where they were purchased from because they were also a gift when I move into my new house. They are lovely though, I can't wait to put some photos in them and display them in my bedroom! So cute!!

I'm sure as time goes on, I will collect more owl merchandise and perhaps other woodland animals! :)
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Sarah xXx

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  1. Aww! Everything is so cute and pretty! I do love that vase x

  2. Wow these are so cute. I adore that owl vase. I also do a lot of woodland animal paintings so come and take a peek. Linking up from Brilliant Blog posts x

  3. Love Owls (though they're not as cool as Penguins ;) but it's close, hehe).

    I saw some really cute owls the other day - they were 3 of them and were doing the 'Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Say No Evil' pose if you're familiar with that?

    I didn't check the price but it was in Matalan if you have one near you and want to check them out :)


  4. Aww these are so cute. My mum has a few owl ornaments and vases. Her favourite is an owl fabric door stop. xx popping over from mummy2monkeys xx

  5. ooh my teen is well into Owls too and has some lovely owl cushions I imagine you'd like!

  6. I love woodland creatures and owls too. So sweet. These look great xxx

  7. AWWW these are so cute. My nanna loves owls and would totally love everything here x

  8. Stunning. I also have a thing for owls at the moment. I find them so tranquil and so decorated our baby boys room with an owl theme. Even his cot has an owl on it!

  9. Awww, I am absolutely loving these owl decor such lovely pieces and the moulds make great home decor

  10. These are all beautiful but I absolutely NEED the owl vase, it's awesome

  11. I too like owls and these are some really cute pieces. I really like the owl lamps and think they would look great either side of a bed on a bedside table! x

  12. Oh my goodness I want all the owl things! How amazing are they. x


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