Let’s go to the beach, each, let’s go get a wave...


We have been enjoying the summer holidays so far, we've had a few trips to the park and this week we also went to the beach! It was a bit breezy but it was still fun! There is also a park right on the edge of the seafront, which the kids thought was amazing!

Ellie enjoyed building sand castles on the sand and Harry had fun skimming peddles across the waves. Charlie was collecting seashells!
We also had a game of football on the beach but it was rather breezy!

After the beach we had some lunch. A fresh sausage roll from the bakers and a lovely cake! Yum! We sat at the park and ate our lunch and then the kids had a good go on the park!

They loved the pirate ship climbing frame. "This is epic" Ellie told me and it certainly looked like a lot of fun!

The swings and round about was fun too! The boys loved the swings and how they overlooked the water, so beautiful! Ellie's hair was flying all over the place in the wind but she didn't seem to mind! Bless.

We were all ready to go home after having such a fun day! I may or may not have fell asleep on the bus! LOL! Such fun! We had a wonderful day and hope for more days out very soon! :)

Sarah xXx

MAgic moments

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  1. We've had a lot of wet and windy days at the beach recently- it's amazing how much fun it can still be. Lovely pics. #shareasmile

  2. That climbing frame is amazing! I often wish we lived closer to the beach. Even if it's windy it's a lovely way to blow off the cobwebs. Glad you are still enjoying the holidays! Thanks for linking up! xx

  3. A trip to the beach when the sun is hiding can be the best adventures ever. We love paddling and long walks on the beach. Kids look like they had a ball. Love the pirate ship!


  4. I would really wanted a playground near our beach! Sadly we dont! Youa re so lucky to have a playground near the beach. #countrykids

  5. what great pictures and looks like so much fun. I remember days like that when my kids were little

  6. This sounds like a perfect day, I wish we lived near a beach my son would love it #countrykids

  7. A park by the beach sounds like a winning combination. We are spoilt for beaches but have to go quite away for a park apart from here at Coombe Mill of course. A lovely looking day and mine would have loved the bakers sausage rolls too, a real treat. Thank you for sharing your day with me on Country Kids.

  8. Sounds like you had a fantastic day! Beach and park are a great combo! X

  9. We live close to the beach but have only made it down once this summer, seeing your lovely pics has made me want to go back! x #magicmoments

  10. Lovely photos - looks like a good day was had by all. #whatsthestory

  11. we have an amazing play park at our beach, and is great that the kids can chop and change from one side of the busy road ( with an adult) to the other. Love the blowing hair on the roundabout - sign of a good day out. Ha ha ha at falling asleep on the bus, I drive home so dont have that choice. over from #magicmoments

  12. Going to the beach is just the best. Love the pictures on the pirate ship! #TwinklyTuesday

  13. What a fab day! I always think that as long as you are prepared, a windy day on the beach can be a lot of fun! Love the look of that park tool...they had a similar one where we went on holiday recently, with a massive pirate ship in the middle! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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