Picnic in the park & feeding squirrels. #CountryKids


One of our absolute favourite places is castle park, we try to go there at least three times a year! We went there back in April and fed the squirrels, who are very tame! This time we decided to take a picnic along with us.

After we'd eaten our lunch, we deicded to go and look at the gardens and have a walk around. I have so many pictures of the gardens (it's a whole other blog post in itself!) We love admiring the beautifu views in castle park!

Isn't it all so very pretty?! Castle park is a truly beautiful place.

 We also wandered around and found a squirrel. We took a long a few nuts just in case the squirrels were around. We fed them last time we were there and it was such good fun! They love, love, love nuts! They were even eating out of our hands! (Don't worry, I took hand sanitizer with us)

 We spent ages watching this little squirrel burying nuts and running around, he was so, so cute! I just love them, as do the kids! They're adorable.

We did of course also play on the park playground, well, the kids did. I did not. I say back and watched them enjoy themselves on the zip wire, climbing frames and what not! They had a wonderful time and honestly, I don't think they'd ever, ever get bored of going to castle park, there is seriously so much to do!

We were all exhausted by the end of the day and I may or may not have fell asleep on the bus ride home, oops. We can't wait to go again in the Autumn though and jump in some leaves, hehe. We hope achieve more things from our summer bucket list before summer is over.

I hope you've all been enjoying the summer so far! Best make the most of it now because Autumn is right around the corner.

Sarah xXx

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  1. Looks like a fun day at the park. How neat that the squirrel would take nuts right from your hand. The flower pics are beautiful.

  2. I'm not ready for autumn yet but I see the signs all around. Love the look of that park,so much to do and beautiful flower beds. A good zip wire always attracts a crowd of children and tame squirrels is something we don't have around here! Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  3. Looks like a fun day. What a beautiful park :)

  4. That looks like such a great day! I love that you guys could feed the squirrels. #SundayStars

  5. The flower displays are fab! Love how tame the squirrel was too! Looks like a lovely place to visit. Thanks for linking up! xx

  6. Looks like a fun day :) i can't believe how close you got to a squirrel! #countrykids

  7. Looks like a beautiful park, and you can see from the photos how much they were enjoying themselves :) #countrykids

  8. Oh those pictures of feeding the squirrel are so cute!


  9. Looks like a lovely park. those flower beds are gorgeous when you look from a distance down them all. Can't believe the squirrels were that tame. Madness! #magicmoments

  10. what a cute family and what a fab park the flowers are so pretty

  11. Looks like such a fun day! Great photos and the flowers are really pretty! xx

  12. Castle Park looks AMAZING! Look at all the pretty flowers! One talented landscape gardener there! #PointShoot

  13. What a great park! I love that dinosaur lurking amongst the flowers!
    Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars


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