Wildlife lately.


We are very fortunate to live in the countryside and being surrounded by wildlife. I thought I would share some of the photo's I have managed to snap recently.

Cinnabar moth.

Some kind of woodland moth/butterfly.

Swans and geese along the river bank!

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Cheeky squirrels! These were so tame, they were eating buts out of our hand! Bless. 

And this beautiful dragonfly that landed in my garden! Beautiful!

A photo posted by Sara ♡ (@sassyserrz) on

Ellie loves snails....
A photo posted by Sara ♡ (@sassyserrz) on
And these ones were taken on my iPhone using a macro lens (from ebay - 3 in 1 lens, for under £5) 

Have you spotted any wildlife lately?

Sarah xXx

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  1. Stunning close up photos of all the wildlife there. The squirrels look particularly friendly ours would never eat out of your hand.

  2. Love your wildlife snaps, great to see what we have in the UK. Your brown butterfly is a Speckled Wood and the dragonfly is a female Emperor (I think). Oh and your stripy caterpillar is the caterpillar of your cinnabar moth, you find them on the ragwort plants. Sorry, I used to do ecology surveys and get very excited at identifying wildlife pics :)

  3. the butterfly is amazing such a bright red, i love the picture of the squirrel climbing up your sons leg

  4. Oooh great photos and I love the close-ups. My camera doesn't et me do good close-ups but I am planning to buy a new one soon. And what a cheeky squirrel :)

    Many thanks for adding these great animal pictures to #AnimalTales


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