A look through my letterbox.


This week I have had quite a few things turn up in the mail. I absolutely love receiving things in he mail! When I was younger, I use to have so many penpals and even my friends would write letters back and forth to one another and send them in the mail because who doesn't like receiving letters in the mail? I love it. Not so much bills but personal letters.
I got a couple of freebies pop through my letter box this week.

Firstly I got this sample of fabric conditioner from comfort which I requested a few weeks back. It of course a freebie (I do love a good freebie!)

I can not wash clothes without adding fabric conditioner. I was so excited to try this scent 'Confort Intense' and let me tell you... It smells AMAZING! And it leaves the clothes lovely and soft, too.

Next I downloaded the 'Free Prints' app from the app (on my phone) store because I heard you get ten free prints when you first sign up. I didn't even have to pay postage! Bonus and a total bargain.

These are perfect for my multi frame which I got as a house warming gift back in April. I'm really quite pleased with them and will certainly be using this app again as prints are cheap to print and postage is quite reasonable too.

I also ordered a few stationary bits and bobs. Some for Harry ready for high school in September because he'll certainly be needing it! And well, some for me too just because I love stationary. Who doesn't?! I ordered all these bits from e-bay, very cheap (most 99p) and free postage! I really needed some bulldog clips to organise all my paperwork and I thought the paper clips would come in handy too. I love the little sticky notes, they're super cute, I go through sticky notes like there's no tomorrow because my memory is rubbish (mummy brain I like to call it! haha), these will look super cute stuck on my fridge and other random places, haha.

(Bargain for 99p I'd say!)

Ellies bedroom curtains also arrived this week!! Finally. I have waited a while (comes with living in the country side I guess). I also ordered these from ebay, too. So I'm excited to get those hung up this weekend. Yay!

They've got little deep pink hearts on with white polka dots on a pale pink background and stripes along the top in pale pink, deep ink/crimson, green, orange and hot pink. They're really pretty and of course, they're tab top curtains! They feel quite thick and seem to be good quality (they also had good reviews!) I can't wait to see what they look like up at the window. :)

That's about it for goodies this week. I've also had the usual (dreaded) bills and junk mail. Nothing interesting there!!

Have you received anything interesting this week?

Sarah xXx

(Can I just say really quick that no one has asked me to write this post or share any of these products, I am just simply sharing what came through my letter box this week and I love these products!) 

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  1. ive had the free prints app downloaded for ages but not used it. i must give it a go! I also requested a Comfort sample. Can't wait to try it now. www.alice-megan.com runs a "Look in my Letterbox" linky every Saturday - you should join up! :)

  2. Love the curtains very nice, got the comfort sample too it smells really nice.

  3. Thanks for linking up with #LIML!
    I've not heard of the freeprints app I'll have to check it out

  4. Going to try this app you've mentioned sounds good wonder how much they are there after :) if you ever want to start pen paling again let me know I love my happy mail and a few pp's have stopped writing which is sad but happens! Let me know! :-) I need some fabric conditioner not used it in a while xx

  5. I love the FreePrints app. I have it on my phone. You can get 45 free prints a month and just need to pay P&P usually. Makes printing photos from your phone so easy! :D

    Those sticky notes are so adorable!


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