A whole decade old!


At the start of this week, Charlie - my middle child - turned ten years old. A whole decade old. I still can not believe that my tiny 5lb 3oz baby is now ten years old. Charlie was quite poorly when he was born. It took the doctors a while to figure out it was a kidney reflux and I am SO pleased to say that Charlie has grown out of his kidney reflux now and is a bright, happy, clever, cheeky ten year old boy! 

We didn't do much for his Birthday this year but he did have a couple of friends around. Family also came over and we had a lovely tea. Charlie opened some of his presents before school and was delighted with his new (stunt) scooter, which looks pink in the photos but it's actually a deep purple colour (Charlie's choice!!). He opened the rest of his presents after school! 
I set Charlie's tent up in the back garden, which was one of his birthday gifts and one he didn't expect and then put all his other little presents inside, ready to be opened after school! 

Charlie's face was a picture when he saw his tent in the back garden, he was all "Is it for me????" Haha. He's so cute. 

Charlie is Minion crazy! He loves his little Minion lamp, which changes colour, bless him.

I also treated everyone to an Ice cream from the ice cream van, it's a lovely treat for the little's :) 

Charlie did of course, also have a really yummy Birthday cake with sparkler candles on! 

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Overall, Charlie had a lovely Birthday! He really enjoyed seeing family & friends, as did I and the other two little's. Charlie loved all his presents and Birthday cards and was shattered by the end of the day, awwwah. 

Sarah xXx  

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  1. Wow, I cannot believe he is 10!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope he had a wonderful day! It sounds and looks lovely! Love the sparkler candle. We had one for Bob's birthday but I didn't managed to take a photo as it was over so quickly. Thanks for linking up! A 10th birthday is definitely a reason to smile and celebrate! xx

  3. Aww hope he had a fab birthday. They grow up so fast. My little boy will be 34 this year lol I swear it was only seconds ago he was this age

  4. Aaah happy birthday to your lovely boy!! AMAZING to see how big he's grown! My twins are 2 now and were 5lb 2 and 5lb 7 when they were born, so around the same size as Charlie was! :) So amazing to think that in 8 years time, we'll have two big boys like that, in our lives!! Just gorgeous! #SundayStars

    Caro | www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  5. Glad your little man had a great birthday, doesn't it go quick? My son is five and we're coming to the end of reception year and it just seems crazy that my baby has already finished his first year of school! I'm sure he'll be ten before I have time to blink! #MummyMonday

  6. Happy Birthday!
    My daughter is 10 in a few weeks. How time flies

  7. looks like he had a great time. I know how you feel my eldest is 9 this year and I can't believe I'm old enough to have a child that age!! It doesn't seem right lol!

    his cake looks yum too #mummymonday

  8. Oh wow! Happy 10th Birthday!
    Can't imagine my girls turning into double figures!! Scary thought!!!

    Hope he had a fab day xx

  9. Congratulations! Great cake. My two would love that minions lamp too. #mummymonday

  10. Happy birthday to Charlie! Sounds like a wonderful day x #whatsthestory

  11. Happy 10th Birthday Charlie, it's great that he enjoyed himself. He was definitely spoilt with Ice Cream, Tents and multi-coloured minion lamps! That cake looks impressive too, I bet your three made a good dent in it too! Popping in from Magic Moments

  12. happy 10th birthday! What a lovely day. I'm jealous about the tent and the scooter, i would have loved these myself when I was younger! :-D xx


  13. Ahh... Little boys, what fun! I love the ice cream shot.

  14. Looks like he had a great birthday :)

  15. Happy birthday Charlie! 10 is such a milestone! Sounds like he had a great birthday #PointShoot x

  16. Happy 10th birthday Charlie...the big double digits! How cute that his presents were inside the tent. It looks like he had a lovely day :) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  17. Happy birthday again. He looks so happy and pleased with his gifts. Looks like a fun birthday for him then =)


  18. Time certainly does fly! ... it looks like he had the most amazing time
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  19. Glad he had a lovely birthday! Some great presents for him there :) #magicmoments


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