School reports! #LoudNProud


The end of term is fast approaching and everyone is feeling a little tired of the school routine and excited for the summer holidays! The end of term also means school reports and exams results.

I was really excited about having a read thru the little's school reports, especially eager to read about the progress they have made at there new school. Enclosed with the school report was also Harry's SAT results! Which I am proud to announce he did very well in and is really looking forward to starting high school this up coming September.

I am really pleased to say that all three of the little's (who really are not so little anymore) got very good grades (all A's and B's in all subjects) and have made SO much progress. Ellie especially with her reading! Harry's handwriting and maths skills have come along way and Charlie really enjoys science. I am super, super proud of them all.

It is SO hard starting a new school and I did expect for them to fall behind slightly, none of them have though. In fact the complete opposite, they have learned so much and are truly thriving.
Proud mummy right here!!

Now we're just patiently waiting for the summer holidays to begin in a couple of week, so we can start having lazy summer days, family fun and tackling out summer bucket list :)

Sarah xXx 

Mama Owl

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  1. Aww! That is fantastic! Well done! You have every right to be proud x

  2. Awww well done to your 3 children! Congratulations =) #pocolo

  3. Well done!!! Those are fantastic results, good on you mummy for bringing them up so well xx

  4. A great loud and proud moment, well done guys! Ali from Mum in a Nutshell guest hosting at #PocoLo

  5. Well done kids, definitely something to be very proud of! Thank you for linking up with #loudnproud


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